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Gear Review: Dolomite 13 Shaft by Warrior Lacrosse

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Company: Warrior Product: Dolomite 13 / Price: $144.99

The Warrior Dolomite 13 shaft is one of the lightest shafts on the market right now.  Designed to provide players with maximum performance without the weight of heavier metal blends, this shaft is both sturdy and good looking.

Appearance… +7.5

The Warrior Dolomite 13 is simple but with enough flair to show off that confidence when you need to. The shaft isn’t over the top or covered end to end in logos, graphics, or details.  The font draws your attention to the center of the stick and then the graphic fades to plain gunmetal on either side.  Sticking with the simplicity theme, Warrior only offers this shaft 3 color ways (red, royal blue, and black) so if you are one of those players who likes to have a setup that is different than anyone else on the field the dolomite may not be for you.  That said, if you are into letting your play do the talking and keeping your stick from screaming for attention, this thing should find itself in your gear bag.

Solo Dolo.
Solo Dolo.

Grip… +6.0

The Dolomite 13 sports a traditional octagon shape.  Paired with the shafts’ incredibly light weight, it sits comfortably in the palms of your hands.  Despite the textured look the graphic seems to have, this shaft is really smooth.  You’re definitely going to need a bit of tape if you are looking for a shaft that doesn’t slip around.  If you prefer tape to a textured shaft you will love the feel of the Dolomite 13, but if you are looking for something with built in grip, keep looking.

Shaped like the Krypto for the Warrior fans out there.
Shaped like the Krypto for the Warrior fans out there.

Weight… +10.0

At 6.1 ounces, Warrior set the bar pretty high in the weight category when they released the Dolomite 13.  The shaft is one of the lightest I have played with and yet it feels solid.  Warrior crafted an exclusive Altium alloy specifically for the Dolomite 13 to give it a superior strength to weight ratio.  Warrior wanted to create a shaft that held up like titanium shafts but didn’t make players feel like they were playing with a barbell and they delivered with this increasingly popular shaft.

This thing floats.

 Durability… +10.0

Warrior claims that the Dolomite 13 shaft is 50% stronger than the Krypto Pro line of shafts.  Having played with the same Krypto Pro for three seasons in college, I can attest to the strength Warrior built into that family of shafts.  Outside of their titanium shafts, the Dolomite is easily Warrior’s strongest shaft on the market, making it obvious why it has become such a must have choice for a long list of NCAA and MLL players.

A beast of a shaft
A beast of a shaft

 Value… +7.5

While it kills me, lacrosse gear is getting more expensive every season.  The Warrior Dolomite 13 is a monster of a shaft.  It can handle whatever you are willing to try to throw at it on both ends of the field, and weighs less than just about any other shaft available today.  Right now the shaft sells for $144.99 (it was $179 last season) so if price equates to quality you can be sure you are buying a great stick.  The Dolomite 13 is one of Warriors best sellers, and it should be, but the stick takes a dock in the value category for raising the bar in the price category.

Overall… +8/10

This shaft is nearly perfect.  Light, clean, strong. Simply everything you look for in a shaft.  With a boost in the design of the grip and a sale price this thing is definitely worth the purchase.  I can’t wait to see what I can do with it this Fall!  Head over to Lacrosse.com to grab one for yourself.