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Dragonfly WX32 IQ8 Gen.6 by Epoch
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Gear Review: Dragonfly WX32 IQ8 Gen.6 by Epoch

Editor’s note: Thanks for checking out today’s gear review as we take an up-close look at the Gen.6 Dragonfly WX32 shaft from Epoch Lacrosse. Epoch is one of the most innovative brands the Lacrosse All Stars network has the pleasure of collaborating with. Since Epoch is an official LaxAllStars partner, is important to note that our affiliation with the brand has in no way influenced the ratings or comments posted below thanks the strict editorial guidelines of

Today we are reviewing the new Dragonfly WX32 IQ8 Gen.6 recently released by Epoch Lacrosse. Epoch’s Gen.5 shafts hit the field like wildfire, so when I was asked to review the Women’s Gen.6, it was an offer I couldn’t refuse.

The Gen.6 line just hit the shelves and is poised to put even more composite shafts in the hands of lacrosse players. Here’s why…

Dragonfly WX32 IQ8 Gen.6 by Epoch

Company: Epoch / Product: Dragonfly WX32 IQ8 / Cost: $85

Appearance 8.5/10

Epoch’s message is “we don’t just shrink it and pink it” – a kickass commentary and the Gen.6 Dragonfly holds firm to that standard. Epoch once again went with a clean look, which I personally think is better than colorful shafts with flowers or other busy designs. Dark anthracite and sleek grey colors with neon flare says girls can be badass too!

No one is feeling intimidated by your 5th grade floral pattern/purple shaft that looks more like a magic wand than a piece of athletic equipment. Epoch’s look is on point for the elite player who would rather something match her eye black than her Lilly Pulitzer bag.

Dragonfly WX32 IQ8 Gen.6 by Epoch

Grip 7.5/10

A simple/clean WX32 octagonal design gives all-over control. The concave shape is a personal favorite for stick-work execution. You don’t have to worry about slipping around while firing off a behind-the-back.

Good news too, they offer 7 different geometrical styles; from old school to new school and a new tear drop shape that only Epoch currently offers. So whichever shape suites your play style best, they’ve got you covered.

The Dragonfly is tape and glove optional with a soft composite coating. I love the boldness of the size, being a thick handle is reminiscent of the guys’ sizing. I find primarily low defenders and a minority of attackers prefer “thick” over “thin” for their handles. I think I would recommend their thinner model for the fierce midfielder and draw specialist who like a smaller hold for a little more twist and torque.

Dragonfly WX32 IQ8 Gen.6 by Epoch

Weight 9.5/10

The lightweight nature of this handle nails the finesse of the game. It stays weight proportional when you top it off with most of the top of the line heads on the market right now, so you never feel unbalanced.

It keeps an even release point for your shooting and passing the ball. Especially since this handle is thicker, the weight is very impressive.

Dragonfly WX32 IQ8 Gen.6 by Epoch

Durability 9/10

Composite shafts tends to take a beating between hot/cold temps. I guarantee NO ONE likes switching out their shaft mid-game when some chicks’ shoulder cracks your pipe.

But between my freezer and space heater, it hasn’t seemed to phase the integrity of the composite yet. This could be a good sign of a long-lasting relationship between Epoch and the women’s game. Judging by the durability on the men’s side, this could be the real deal.

Value 9/10

It’s comparable to most standard elite-player shafts that you might see slapped onto the top heads as a package deal. For the technology, durability and the fierce look alone, I think this is worth the price, especially for the grip options Epoch boasts.

Dragonfly WX32 IQ8 Gen.6 by Epoch

Coming in at $85 and carrying a 1-year warranty, the Dragonfly series offers some elite bang for your buck! The women’s shafts also feature the same iQ scale, the torque box technology and everything else that took the men’s shafts to the next level

Overall 8.7/10

I think Epoch has produced a truly high-quality item for the serious and elite player – overall I’d play with it, especially in a thinner model. I think they’re going to continue crushing competitors with their grip and weight.

If the Dragonfly WX32 doesn’t seem like the perfect fit, take a look at the four other grip shapes they released! Theres something out there for everyone, from the attackers to the goalie and everyone in-between. It seems likely have an offering that suites your game.

I am excited to see what’s next from Epoch Lacrosse when it comes to bringing innovation to the women’s game.