Powell Lacrosse Flight 22 Shaft
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Gear Review: Flight 22 Shaft from Powell Lacrosse

I’m excited for today’s gear review for a handful of reasons. I had high hopes for the Flight 22 Shaft from Powell Lacrosse having put a lot of faith in the brand before I ever touched a product. Knowing the Powell family, if they are going to pump gear into the market with their name on it, it’s going to be legit. Powell Lacrosse, driven by brother Ryan, is taking a no-corners-cut type of approach and the results are making waves. Each brother grew up with his own individual identity and flair, something we all can continue to enjoy translating through their products.

When I was given the Flight 22, I was immediately bonded with the shaft for reasons I couldn’t explain. Maybe it was because I have worn the #22 since the 5th grade because of the Powells, or maybe it’s the fact it’s a damn good shaft, but either way I’m stoked to share my findings with you!

Company: Powell Lacrosse / Product: Flight 22 / Price: $95

Appearance 9.5/10

Powell Lacrosse Flight 22 Shaft

The Flight 22 comes in four different color-pairing options. I personally use the gunmetal/white (pictured) duo, but  each style is unique and stunning to the eye. The POWELL name logo on the side in printed in a clean, thin font that is easy on the eye, yet recognizable from across the field. The visuals on the shaft give off a sleek, modern vibe, all they while refraining from becoming too flashy.

A signature of Powell Lacrosse shafts, all handles transition to all-white for the six inches closest to the throat. This little detail pays homage to the sticks the Powell brothers grew up using, at a time when most handles were solid white from top to bottom.

Powell Lacrosse Flight 22 Shaft

Although I love the idea, the white clashes a bit with the gold/black option, which is the reason I knocked off the .5. For the the other three color-ways, it works in the Flight 22’s favor.

Grip 8/10

Powell Lacrosse Flight 22 Shaft

The shape is a traditional octagonal feel with smooth edges on all 8 corners. It’s sleek all the way around with no convex dips on the sides, grooves or odd tapering.

The finish is a bit sandy, but nothing too rough to even effect the gloves. Using the shaft to play middie in the high desert, I had no problems with gripping and ripping the Flight 22 while shooting. Once I got to Seattle and experience lax in the rain, I was scrambling to find enough tape to fix my slippery palms. When the shaft is wet, it becomes incredibly slick and requires at least a few rings of tape to help you find some hole for your hands.

Weight 9.5/10

I have been prone to shy away from lightweight shafts because I get worried that I’m one check away from a trip back to the lacrosse store. This puppy is almost lighter than air and a dream to swing around, yet it never feels unbalanced with the head.

Powell Lacrosse Flight 22 Shaft

They call it their own 7U1™ custom advanced alloy, and although I don’t know a ton about material science, I do know that whatever they came up with works for me and feels natural in my hands. Time will prove if the Flight 22 is really the perfect marriage of featherweight and beefcake shafts.

Durability 9/10

Powell Lacrosse Flight 22 Shaft

Before the seasons changed, I played at least 6 to 8 games of middie and attack with the shaft before transitioning to box season. Playing offense (and being slow) I took a ton of checks, even a few of those actually landed on the stick.

Then I went indoors and decided not to go for something beefier but to keep rocking the Flight 22. After months of playing competitively, I still don’t have any, and I mean any, dents on the handle. Scrapes, yes, but dents, no!

Powell Lacrosse Flight 22 Shaft

I haven’t done everything in my power to try to break it, mostly because I love it, but I haven’t seen many signs of stress, just minor scuffs through the paint. The shaft is light by design, but also incredibly stiff. If it’s flexibility you seek, look elsewhere. Dozens of cross-checks later, I see no bends. Props to the Flight 22!

Value 9/10

Coming in under $100, the Flight 22’s price tag alone should catch your eye. If you told me it was MSRP’d around $120, I wouldn’t bat an eyelid. Field or box lacrosse, this shaft is standing up to everything I’m throwing at it. Heck, I even ran a few laps around the box banging it on the boards and the goals and I still didn’t pick up one nasty dent or chip.

Powell Lacrosse Flight 22 Shaft

For the price, the shaft is incredible. If it was closer to the introductory price point, it would be a complete game-changer for the industry, but right now it’s still a complete game changer for the user. It’s not even the most, or second most, expensive option from Powell Lacrosse, but it has all of the makings to by my #1!

Overall 9/10

I’m finally confident with a shorty! I’ve found my tendencies drifting toward using a composite or wooden shaft for the past few years thanks to the countless shafts I’ve snapped cross checking fools, but now I’m back on team metal thanks to the Flight 22 from Powell Lacrosse and I’m daring another shaft to come along and change my ways.

I’m a huge fan of the Flight 22 and recommend it for intermediate to advanced players from middle school to the most elite athletes in the world. I haven’t been this moved by a metal shaft since my high school days, so if you know me, that’s really saying something! (If you don’t know me, I’m a big composite and wood guy. Different worlds, I know!)

Check out PowellLacrosse.com to pick one up for yourself! Oh yeah, want to know the best part? Powell Lacrosse has a warranty that’s absolutely incredible! Which purchase, Powell guarantees that you have 60 days to decide if the product is right for you, along with a complete 1-Year Warranty to ensure the product’s integrity.

There really is no reason you should debate going with Powell or not. If it’s not for you, send it back and move on. I just have a feeling that you won’t want to let go once you commit to clicking “purchase.”