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Gear Review: H2 Shaft by Maverik Lacrosse

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Company: Maverik Lacrosse / Product: H2 Shaft / Price: $104.99

With the recent announcement of Maverik Lacrosse joining up with the LXM Pro, there is no doubt that Maverik has become a contender in the lacrosse world, especially considering Maverik could basically field their own team of athletes (Billy Bitter, CJ Costabile, Chris Bocklet, Jovan Miller, Peet Poillon, Chris Eck, Joe Cinosky, Drew Adams, Kyle Sweeney, Johnny Christmas, Kip Turner, Brian Karalunas, and Dan Hardy are all Maverik athletes right now).

We got our hands on the Maverik H2 shaft and put it right to work – indoor, field, and everything in between. We’ve been fortunate enough to have this one for a little longer than usual too, so we were able to get a much better feel for how durable it actually is.

Appearance… +10.0

If you know me well by now, you know that this shaft is right up my alley. It’s simple, classy, and could work for just about any player. While it is only offered in five colors (black, silver, gunmetal, green, and carolina blue), it has the basic three covered that will make sure you fit in, no matter what your team colors are.

The logos on the shaft are all silver and you can see the checkerboard pattern of the tactile grip that we’ll talk about in the next section. Maverik finished it off by adding a couple stars, a subtle Maverik logo around the bottom of the handle, and then ‘H2’ in a fancy font up top. I really like how this shaft looks. About the only thing I would change, would be to offer it in a wider variety of colors.

Maverik H2 Shaft
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Grip… +7.5

As mentioned above, the TactileGrip technology is one of the main features of the grip. Much like many of the other fade grips you see on the market, the somewhat tacky Tactilegrip is solid checkerboard at the bottom of the handle and slowly fades away as you move up to the top. While I’m not always a huge fan of grip on sticks, I enjoy not having to add as much tape as I usually do. The grip has also managed to stay on the shaft for quite some time now.

Going off on a quick tangent here, why do grips fade toward the top of the shaft? I would love to have grip right below the head where I have my top hand when I cradle. If anything I’d say make the grip solid up top and on the bottom, with a fade in the middle. Someone please tell me I’m not alone here! I’m done now.

The other notable part that adds to the grip of the handle, is the shape itself. This one lands somewhere in between Powergrip and traditional – a nice balance actually. While it may not be for everyone, it certainly adds to the grip you are able to have on the shaft and would play a big role in holding on tight as you’re dishing out or taking checks and ripping shots.

Gear Review: H2 Shaft by Maverik Lacrosse

Weight… +7.5

Weighing in at 6.4 ounces without the endcap or any tape, it isn’t as light as some other SC-TIs on the market, but will still get the job done. The added weight may be due in part to the 3D TactileGrip on the bottom half of the shaft. That said, 6.4 ounces isn’t anything that will weigh you down, especially when it comes with being a SC-TI shaft with a great grip on it.

Durability… +10.0

One of the perks of having this shaft for a longer period of time than we normally do, is that we are able to get an even better picture of how it holds up long term. The shaft is scandium and titanium alloy, so the strength and durability of it gets boosted right away. This bad boy has received plenty of hard checks and dished out its own share in the process but still shows very little signs of any of it.

As Maverik Lacrosse boasts on their website, “the H2 is the high-performance weapon that is always battle-ready“. I would have to agree with that sentiment, the H2 is noticeably light and durable, and has held up very well through all of the play and tests we put it through.

Gear Review: H2 Shaft by Maverik Lacrosse

Value… +10.0

Ringing in at $104.99, this shaft should get a ding for breaking the $100-mark, but comparatively, it is almost $50 cheaper than other SC-TI shafts on the market. At $104.99, it is in the same market as a Brine TI shaft, the F22s, several Scandium shafts, and even some 7075 alloy ones. I’d say that makes the value on the H2 a strong 2.0.

Overall… 8.8/10

Maverik has made a great offering to the lacrosse world with this shaft. Scandium-Titanium alloy, a durable TactileGrip, weighing in at 6.4 ounces and costing $105, this shaft has a lot going for it. I would definitely recommend this shaft to all players looking for a lightweight, high quality shaft that will hold up and let them focus on improving their game. Bravo Maverik, bravo!

Gear Review: H2 Shaft by Maverik Lacrosse