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Gear Review: Remix Superlight Head by Brine Lacrosse

We kick off our newest lacrosse gear review series with a bang, the Remix Superlight head by Brine Lacrosse.

With lacrosse season at full throttle, we wanted to make sure you’d have the scoop on all the newest equipment, so we teamed up with Lacrosse Panda, Warrior Lacrosse and Brine Lacrosse to bring you a great line-up of Gear Reviews over the next two months!

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Company: Brine LacrosseProduct: Remix Superlight HeadPrice: $89.99

Today we kick things off with the Remix Superlight head by Brine Lacrosse. This head is much lighter than most, and it reminds me slightly of a Warrior Blade in its appearance.

To test it out, I brought it to the confines of our indoor Chumash League and put it to work, and I also scrimmaged with some local high school laxers. This way I was able to see how the head performed on both grass and a hard rubber surface.

Remix Superlight Lacrosse Head
No rigid edges on this bad boy.

Appearance… +10.0

I love the way this head looks – it has a nice shape to it with a pinched channel that flares out for a little more ease with catching while still providing great hold. Aesthetically speaking, it looks like a great head for the offensive-minded player. The channeled sidewalls also add an aggressive look to it which I really enjoy.


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Remix Superlight Lacrosse Head
All strung up and ready to Chumash

Stringing… +10.0

Stringing this stick was a piece of cake with all the holes placed throughout the sidewall and across the top of the stick. The holes are narrow enough to hold a single figure-eight knot, but wide enough to allow you to throw two different strings through the same hole, which made it perfect for my double sidewall.

I also think the shape of the head really helps with the stringing. That, and the fact that high school heads are a little more pinched than your typical college head, means you can form a pocket more quickly. The head keeps a tight channel most of the way up to the lip, but then it really flares out at the top to get the required 6.5″ width – perfect for a nice mid-range pocket.

Remix Superlight Lacrosse Head
String it any way you want it.

Stiffness… +6

Weighing in at just 4.1 ounces, the Remix Superlight is indeed super light. However, that light weight comes with a little sacrifice to the stiffness of the head.

Personally, I play a good amount of defensive midfield and face-off from time to time, so I prefer a stiffer head. That said, I wasn’t sure if anyone else felt the same way. So, I went around and asked several of my offensive-minded friends how they felt about stiffness, and it turns out their perspective was similar to mine. While they may not want a stiff head, they all said they preferred one which was at least some stiffness for ground balls, checking, and a quicker release.

This head will be perfect for attackmen or offensive middies. When it comes to checking, ground balls, and facing-off though, the flexibility of the head is a little annoying. I actually had won the initial clamp on a couple face-offs and my opponent just bent my head out of his way before I could get the ball out.

Remix Superlight Lacrosse Head

Durability… +7.5

The Remix Superlight may not be the stiffest head in lacrosse, but it reminds me a lot of the Gait Torque in the sense that it’s both flexible AND durable. The light weight and flexibility didn’t come at a cost to this head’s overall durability, and even after facing off with it quite a few times, the shape was still pretty consistent with no signs of warping.

I’d liked to have played with it longer to see how the flexibility would hold up throughout a season but given I did quite a bit of different types of testing with it and think it would be able to make it.

Remix Superlight Lacrosse Head
All the top string and sidewall holes give you endless options for stringing.

Value… +7.5

Ringing up at $89.99, the Remix Superlight carries a mid-range price. It features the NOZ technology to help with the weight of the head, but doesn’t have any other “new” features or crazy color schemes. All in all, I think it holds its value pretty well and costs a very reasonable price for a quality lacrosse head.

With the different amount of stringing options and the its super lightweight this head becomes a strong choice for  players. As an NFHS legal head though, it becomes a little more exclusive for high school, youth, and post-collegiate players. The only reason I didn’t give the Remix a 2 in value is because the concern surrounding the flexibility and the $90 price range for a high school and youth specific head.

Remix Superlight Lacrosse Head
Elbows up

Overall… +8/10

With the stringing ease, lightness and reinforced sidewalls, this is a great head for any and all offensive players. Combine that with a pretty reasonable price and the deal gets sweeter. Even for someone who prefers more stiffness, I was pleasantly surprised by my experience with the Remix Superlight.

That said though, I loved every bit about this stick outside of the flexibility and would definitely recommend it to my friends and high school players. If I was in the market for a lacrosse head for my nephew who’s just starting to play, I would also consider this head. Add in some more stiffness and I’d probably buy it for myself – nicely done Brine!

Remix Superlight

Got some gear you wish we would review? Hit us up and let us know what you think we should review next.

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