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Musket Lacrosse - Scandium Shaft
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Gear Review: Scandium Shaft by Musket Lacrosse

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Company: Musket Lacrosse / Product: Scandium Shaft / Price: $42.25

I’m really excited about this Gear Review, for many reasons. 1) It is for a product that challenges the current equipment market and sheds a little light on the tendencies of mark-up in our industry, 2) Musket Lacrosse is based out of beautiful Montana, and 3) The main man behind the scenes is a coach, trying to bring his players fairly-priced equipment.

A few weeks back, one of our readers notified us about Musket Lacrosse and the great things they were doing for lacrosse players. I reached out to them and was able to have a few conversations with the man behind the scenes, Bryan Jenkins. Bryan hails from the East coast and has an incredible passion for the game. His whole reasoning for creating Musket Lacrosse, is to help bring great lacrosse equipment to players at a price that isn’t going to break the bank.

Our mission is simple, we have a high performance shaft at a reasonable price. We have done a lot of research developing the composite lacrosse shaft and scandium lacrosse shaft, Our shafts have simple designs and a clean look that will hold up. If your shaft breaks due to normal play in 6 months, we will replace it. We stand behind our products.

Okay, you have my attention.

Appearance… +8.0

Simple, elegant, and it’s a neutral color. The only downside to the appearance of this shaft is that you can only get it in black. I don’t personally find this to be a huge deal, but I can’t speak for the entire lacrosse world.

Musket Lacrosse - Scandium Shaft

Grip… +7.5

The grip is also pretty basic, but don’t we all tape our shafts anyways? I actually know quite a few people who dislike the feeling of tape and prefer a smooth metal finish. Anyways, as you can see below it is a traditional shape and there is nothing fancy to the finish of the metal.

Musket Lacrosse - Scandium Shaft

Weight… +7.5

The Scandium shaft weighs in at 7.4 ounces (210 grams). This is definitely a bit heavier than other shafts we’ve reviewed before (Mav H2: 6.4, Rbk Black: 5.4, STX Stall SC-TI: 5.8), but for many people I have talked to, weight comes second to durability – which we’ll talk about in a second.

I make a habit of measuring the weight after I’ve been able to play around with it, because I think many of us tend to look at things like weight/appearance/”technology” first, and disregard how it actually feels in your hands. In playing with it, the weight factor isn’t noticeable at all and I felt very confident in throwing this thing around.

Durability… +8.0

Musket Lacrosse notes that the “walls are 1.3mm thick,” making for a pretty durable shaft. I wasn’t able to grab a side-by-side shot, but for appearance’s sake, the sidewalls are just as thick as many of the more durable shafts we checked out in the past like the Reebok Black and STX Stallion SC-TI shafts.

Outside of a few scuffs, the shaft held up really well to sticks checks, as well as just mindless banging against concrete, trees, and a thick steel pipe laying in my garage (official durability testing equipment for LAS Gear Reviews). At the end of the day, it’s a Scandium shaft, just the same as any other scandium shaft on the market.

Will this hold up through a whole season? My guess is yes. Musket has a lot of these in the hands of players up in Montana and this one will soon end up in one of your hands, so I’d love to hear how it performs for you.

Musket Lacrosse - Scandium Shaft

Value… +10.0

I wish I could give it a 2.5 on the ‘Value’ criteria and while I want to go into a dissertation on mark-up in our industry, I’d rather not get sidetracked from this review. Go to or any other retailer and click on the <$50 section and tell me what you see? Clearance, aluminum, or close-out shafts that were once marked up to as high as $130.

This bad boy is $42.25 (marked down from $50) for a shaft. That means you could get two, possibly three of these for the same price you’d pay for a top of the line shaft today – tell me how that doesn’t score well.

Overall… 8.0/10

Overall, this is an awesome shaft and I’m excited to see Musket Lacrosse leave some new footprints in the market. If this shaft gets released in some extra colors (even just white and grey), I could easily see it doing as well as the likes of the Tri-Kor shafts that have done so well in years past.

To check out the shaft yourself, click on the purchase link at the top of this page or just browse around and see what they are all about.

Stay tuned! Later this week Colton will be dropping his review on the Musket Lacrosse Composite Shafts that come in black and white.