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Gear Review: Soldier Bag by Maverik Lacrosse

Company: Maverik LacrosseProduct: Soldier Gear Bag / Price: $64.99

I’m going to switch this up a bit…  The way we normally do this Gear Review thing is that you get the final score at the end.  I don’t want to mince words this time.  Maverik, please stand up and take a bow because you’ve outdone yourself and I’m giving the Maverik Soldier Lacrosse Bag a score of…


“Whoa whoa whoa,” you’re saying.  The scale only goes up to 10. Like Spinal Tap, Maverik isn’t playing by your rules and has turned up the volume… it’s one more.

Appearance… 2.0

This is a sharp looking unit.  I’ve been toting around my old Idaho Vandal Harrow Blitz bag since 2007 or so. It’s been a great bag, but lately I’ve been a little unsatisfied still dragging my college gear bag around. Still, I hadn’t seen another other bags with decent-looking stock options and I just couldn’t commit to being “that guy” who has a custom gear bag for his men’s club team.

Enter the Soldier. The grey/black/white combo looks sharp but understated and I don’t look like I’m holding onto my glory days anymore. I looked all over the internet and I’m fairly confident that this is the best-looking option on the market.

Durability… 2.0

The Soldier is constructed of heavy duty nylon and, although I’ve only used it for a brief time, I don’t get the impression that it has any intention of breaking.  The stitching is tight and the zippers are nice and big so you don’t have to worry about the teeth.  This Soldier is ready to go to war.

Soldier Bag by Maverik Lacrosse

Portability… 2.0

Another thing I’ve never loved about traditional lax gear bags is how long and awkward they are. Good luck getting through a door with it around your shoulder.  For this reason, I’d been considering switching to a lax backpack like the Warrior Jet Pack Man X or Harrow K85. However, I’ve never been confident that a backpack would hold all of my gear and the price tag for a specialized lacrosse backpack is simply too rich for my blood.

Again, the Soldier comes up huge here. Maverik constructed the Soldier as a sort of duffel bag/backpack hybrid. It’s big like a duffel bag, but not as long, and comes with backback shoulder straps so you can hang it on your back and go for a walk.  The sacrifice is that there’s no stick compartment, but I don’t use that thing anyways because I prefer my stick’s pocket not to be mashed into a bag.

And if you really can’t be bothered to hold onto your stick with your hands, there’s velcro straps to hold it on to the exterior of the bag.

Soldier Bag by Maverik Lacrosse

Storage… 3.0

I’m about to get nerdy.  This bag… has SOOOO many pockets and compartments… that using it is like having that bottomless man-purse Hermione carries around in the last Harry Potter movies.

Put in less embarrassing terms, what I’m trying to say is that this bag holds a lot more than you’d ever think just by looking at it. Everytime I thought to myself, “man I wish it had a pocket for [X],” I found one tucked away between other pockets and folds in the bag. Maverik thought of everything. I truly could not be more satisfied in this regard.

Soldier Bag by Maverik Lacrosse
Is that a giveaway I see in our future?

Price… 2.0

Here’s where the rubber starts to hit the road.  For such a nice bag, I’d expect to be paying close to $100.  Less impressive options come in at $70-90.  But this bad boy checks in at a highly reasonable $64.99. Are there cheaper options? I guess so, but you won’t find a better value.


It’s clear to me that the Soldier was built for lacrosse players who want to carry everything without being burdened by a cumbersome bag or exorbitant cost.  I give this product my full recommendation. Buy it.  You won’t be disappointed.

Soldier Bag by Maverik Lacrosse
Ooooo… so sharp!