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Gear Review: Surgeon 10 head by STX

Billy Nguyen, of LaxAllStars, breaks down the Surgeon 10 lacrosse head by STX in his latest Gear Review. The review is based on a 10 point scale, see what kind of score Billy thinks it deserves.
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I received this head from Connor Wilson a couple months back and this head has already been through an Ohio winter and a New York Summer. I’ve played, coached and let my players use this stick. It has even been strung with 3 different pockets. Let’s break down STX’s Surgeon 10!

“For advanced offensive players. Pointed and stiffer scoop delivers a quicker release and pin-point accuracy.

ACP (All Climate Performance) technology that maintains head shape and form regardless of climate. Longer contoured throat for enhanced control when cradling. Strategically-placed holes for simple and effective stringing.

STX Forward Cant design. NCAA legal. 4.9 oz.”

Appearance… +10.0

Billy Nguyen Stallion 10 STX lacrosse head
Pretty in pink

I really like the look of the Surgeon 10. Out the box, the sidewall design looks clean, the head has a nice tight pinch through the throat with a high aggressive flare, and the plastic feels good without being too bulky or slim. I like the scoop, but I don’t love it. Although the head is not as aggressively offset, this allows the head to have a quicker release. Also, if you look carefully at the bottom of the throat, it is molded to fit your hand nicely, it feels nice, similar to the shield goalie head. Already, this head is a stringer’s and attackman’s dream. Im a fan.

Stringing… +7.5

Billy Nguyen Stallion 10 STX lacrosse head
Dropped top

Stringing this head was super easy. Having a nice face shape always helps, kind of looks like the clutch. There are plenty of sidewall holes but with other heads on the market nowadays like the Clutch and Torque offering unlimited sidewall options, I had to knock off .5 points. Other than that, I had no problem stringing different pockets into this head and neither did Throne of String.

Stiffness… +10.0

Billy Nguyen Stallion 10 STX lacrosse head
It holds up!

For an offensive head, this head is stiff… but in a good way. The rails don’t flex inward when strung with a traditional, unlike this Warrior m80. The sturdiness of this head allows for a nice snap on my release and consistency on my shots. If you shoot hard enough, you can feel some flex on it, which is nice. The head is definitely stiff, but what happens if you throw a check and hit it in a certain area? Does it have a weak spot?

Durability… +6.0

Billy Nguyen Stallion 10 STX lacrosse head
Rippin’ ched, top ched

ACP technology is the rise and fall of this head. This head didn’t get floppy in the NY summer heat or brittle in the cold Ohio winter. Paired with water proof leathers from Throne of String, I have a weather resistant pocket and head. So why take off a full point? My little brother already broke one. The scoop exploded off of a rocket pass. I’ve heard of multiple stories of this happening as well.

Value… +5.0

This head is $99.99 at… Unstrung.


Billy Nguyen Stallion 10 STX lacrosse head
Everyone loves it, right?

A grand total of 7.5 out of 10. This head is perfect… for those who prefer these specs. If you’re at an STX sponsored school and play attack, you will most likely either use this head or the Super Power. This head isn’t for everyone, but it’s a job well done by the STX crew, putting together a narrow and rigid elite head for those who have been screaming for it.

This was the only head that STX has released with ACP technology. In my opinion, this head would be even better with the C-Channel technology. Most companies have been re-releasing heads with updated technologies anyways, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they go that route but I’m going to throw it out there anyway!

Want to win this Surgeon 10? Check back in soon to find out how!

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