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Gear Review: Team USA Kryptolyte Shaft by Warrior Lacrosse

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Company: Warrior Lacrosse / Product: Team USA Kryptolyte ShaftPrice: $119.99

Lacrosse companies have been making shafts for YEARS now, so I think it’s fair to say that the majority of new shafts that come out are pretty solid. However, it’s important to know if a particular shaft will hold up to your liking, and I’m here to help you make that call! Today I am reviewing the Team USA Kryptolyte Shaft by Warrior Lacrosse we purchased from Lacrosse Panda – a revamped, custom version of the Warrior Kryptolyte.

To test it out, I ran it through a series of strength and weight tests, and I played with it a number of times, including during an intense, high-contact indoor lacrosse session. I ran this thing through the grinder so you won’t have to, and I’m excited to share what I found!

Warrior Team USA Kryptolyte Shaft

Appearance… +8.0

If you love the United States of America – or if your team’s colors are red, white [gray], and blue – this is the shaft for you . The overall look of the shaft is great. It has a light gray to dark blue transition about 2/3’s of the way up the shaft with red emblems outlined in blue. All the details, little Warrior Lacrosse logos, and transitions look perfect. The only reason I can’t give this a two is because of the color scheme, respectively. Unfortunately the greater majority of teams don’t all have these three colors, so unless players want to stick out or just be patriotic, they may want to consider buying a more neutral-colored shaft.

Warrior Team USA Kryptolyte Shaft
Unique color scheme!

Grip… +7.5

There’s nothing too special or fancy about the grip, it’s just a traditional concave grip with rounded edges. No rubbery or textured grip on this guy either, which I don’t mind at all. Sometimes that stuff gets a bit too gimmicky. Personally, the grip is one of my favorite things about this shaft because I love the feel of how my fingers fit nicely into the concave edges – a perfect balance between a straight octagon and the powergrip. I’m awarding a 1.5 for the grip, which is a high score in my book. There isn’t anything wrong with it at all, and there is also nothing special to it. Tape it up your way and lax on!

Weight… +10.0

Take a look at the scale below and come back. Light, right? I compared this to a couple other shafts laying around the LAS office and the Kryptolyte was the lightest one, weighing in at just 5.7 oz. Considering most shafts weigh around 6-7 ounces a piece, I’ll be very happy with 5.7 any day.

  • Team USA Kryptolyte shaft – 5.7 oz
  • Scandium Alloy shaft – 6.5 oz
  • Composite shaft – 6.5 oz
  • Titanium shaft – 7 oz

Once I slapped it on a head and started playing with it, there was a very noticeable difference in weight from my previous shaft. This thing is very light, even after I put a little tape on it. As I said earlier, there is a noticeable difference with its lighter weight. I felt like I was able to get passes and shots off a little faster and never really felt like I was carrying something around.

Warrior Lacrosse Shaft Weight Testing
Just 5.7 ounces!

Strength/Durability… +7.5

This stick certainly has some flex to it, and it will be more forgiving with checks than a stiffer shaft. I firmly believe that for high school lacrosse player or youth player looking for that extra edge, this shaft is the great match. Made of “high grade C-405 aluminum alloy”, it’s sure to hold up well at the lower levels of play.

However, at more elite levels, the stick’s weight and flex may come at a little expense to the overall durability of the shaft.  I was able to flex it pretty well over my knee and after using it for a couple indoor games, I noticed the flex even more in close quarters. Thankfully you’ve always got that 1-year Warrior warranty on your side!

Team USA Shaft Flexing

Value… +7.5

Priced at $119.99, I think this shaft has the most value for a player who prefers a lightweight wand. Another important thing to note is that the price of this shaft is also based on its custom, limited edition ‘Team USA’ theme, which is obviously worth it (‘Merica!). As I mentioned in the first paragraph of this review – If you love America or if you’re looking for a special shaft to help you stand out on the field, this one is for you.

Overall Score: 7.8/10

8/10 is a fair score for this twig! If you’re a high school player or you’re purchasing a stick for a player up to the high school level, I’d bump the score up to an 8.5 because, plain and simple, they aren’t going to face as hard of checks and a lightweight shaft would be perfect to use for a developing player.

In regards to position, this is a great shaft for midfielders. It is light enough to let you fly up and down the field without dragging you down, but will hold up well if you get in a scrum from time to time.

Lightweight, patriotic, and a trusted brand – I’d say it’s worth the buy for sure.

Team USA Shaft Cradling