Under Armour Charge Sci Ti lacrosse shaft
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Gear Review: Charge Sci-Ti Lacrosse Shaft by Under Armour

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CompanyUnder Armour / Product: Charge Sci-Ti Shaft / Price: $119.99

Under Armour is on the rise in a very strong way in my opinion. Of course we all know the popularity of the Highlight cleats (The Cam Newton cleats), but their reliability in gear has skyrocketed in my eyes after working with an Under Armour head in the past, and now the performance of this shaft. Under Armour is already competing with the major lacrosse brands, I expect big things very soon.

Appearance: +10.0

When it comes to the appearance of shafts, I think the cleaner the better. The Under Armour Charge is the epitome of what I look for in the appearance of a shaft. It is all black except for the words Under Armour. It is also available in grey, red, and royal blue. When using a shaft like this, you are letting your opponents know that you don’t need to be seen by the multitude of colors on your stick. Who needs to be seen when you will be heard by the roar of the crowd after you bury the ball in the back of the goal? I love the simple, clean look Under Armour came up with for this shaft. It certainly has served me well this Fall.

Yes, it's Moscow, ID in the Fall
Yes, it’s Moscow, ID in the Fall

Grip: +6.0

If you are a player who relies on the textured grip on the shaft, with no tape, this stick is certainly not for you. It has an extremely smooth finish on the entire shaft that requires tape for any grip at all. As a player that tapes every stick the same, the grip is not much of an issue for me. The Charge has the classic octagon shape that most shafts do, so it feels nice and natural in your hands. I love to use tape for my shafts, and love the smooth finish of the Charge. There isn’t much grip by definition, so it will receive a 1.0. But I really like the smooth feel.

Under Armour Charge Sci Ti lacrosse shaft
Grip shot

Weight: +10.0

At 5.03 ounces, the numbers speak for themselves. The best way to describe this shaft would be a Titanium feather. It is so strong but at the same time light as a feather. Some people don’t like extremely light shafts, I am not one of those people. The lighter the shaft, the faster I can throw fakes and get the ball out of my stick. The second I picked up the Charge in the office, I knew I was going to like it!

Durability: +7.5

After my gamer shaft broke in Montana, I was forced to test the Under Armour Charge in a few game situations. My first thought was that the durability would lack because it is so light. I was dead wrong, I ended up using this shaft for 7 fall ball games and 3 weeks of practice, basically our entire fall ball season. Throughout all the slashes, ground balls, and slap checks there is not one dent. There is a few scratches but it has held up much better than I would have ever expected.

Under Armour Charge Sci Ti lacrosse shaft
Handle this!

Value: +5.0

When it comes to lacrosse shafts, pricing can be a bit tricky. For a short stick, a high end shaft can be anywhere from $60.00 to $190.00. Sitting at $129.99 the Under Armour Charge is sitting right in the middle of price range. But based on the durability and how much I like the feel of the stick itself, I would say this stick is worth the slightly higher price.

Under Armour Charge Sci Ti lacrosse shaft
So Icy!

Overall: +7.6

After playing with this stick for the good part of the fall season, the only real complaint is that there is almost no grip when playing in any kind of weather. Playing in North Idaho, I get plenty of that. That is a problem that can be easily solved by the proper taping. The appearance of this stick lets everyone know that your play on the field will do the talking. I would recommend this stick to every serious player!