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Sargent Sticks custom CFW shaft

Gear Showcase: Sargent Sticks

Today we’re checking out a custom LAS CFW Shaft by Sargent Sticks.

Today we’re checking out a custom LAS CFW Shaft by Sargent Sticks.

First off, this thing is gorgeous! I’ve always appreciated a great looking woodie and this thing is beautiful. The CFW (carbon fiber/wood) shaft by Sargent Sticks features an aerospace grade carbon fiber core and an outer wood layer. This unique combination of carbon fiber and wood combines the great feel of wood with ultimate strength and added flexibility while keep it lighter than solid wood shafts.

The attack length weighs in at 6.4 ounces which is considerably lighter than my 12 ounce hickory shaft.

Sargent Sticks custom CFW shaft

The CFW also features a concave grip shape with a smooth rounder surface on the bottom (palm side) and a sharper edge on top to still give you a feel for the stick. I actually prefer the grip of this over my homemade hickory shaft I’ve had for years.

Sargent Sticks custom CFW shaft

This shaft was just too good looking to destroy, but we were curious as to just how much abuse it could take. The outer wood is quite a bit harder than traditional wood shafts and didn’t dent or nick nearly as much.

We’re also curious as to whether we’d see any cracking or chipping with heavy use. It would also be interesting to see how much the shaft could bend before the core and wooden veneer separate.

I love the idea of combining technology with something classic like the wooden shaft. It definitely makes it something that you’ll likely see more of on the field.

Make sure to check out more from Sargent Sticks, whose shafts are handmade by Montana Grizzluies head coach, Tucker Sargent.

Should you pick up a shaft from Sargent? We say, Worth It! Send us pics if you do, we want to see how these bad boys last on the playing field.

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