Marburg Lacrosse
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Germany Lacrosse Blog: Introductions

Editor’s Note: Please welcome Thorben Fiswick to the LAS Network. Thorben is 21 years old, studying law and playing Lacrosse in Marburg, Germany. He had his first experience with Lacrosse when he was 16 while going to school in England. Fast forward two quick years and he is still very active in the game. In this short period of time he has truly fallen in love with lacrosse, met tons of great people people, made many new friends and had a lot of memorable experiences.


Let me introduce you, to a team you ain’t used to.

The Marburg Saints won’t play any lacrosse in the first German division. Why? The answer is simple: Perspective!

The Saints were founded in 2004 as a part of the Marburg Football Club e.V. after some students of the University of Gießen and the University of Marburg started playing in 2003.

After switching the clubs and becoming a part of the VFL Marburg1860 sports club in 2008, we found a new home with better conditions and training facilities what helped us to make the switch from the second to the first German division.

This summer, we as a team had to climb a huge obstacle or more precisely what was left of the team. For the next season only about half the actual roster will be playing for the Marburg Saints. Different people leave for different reasons. Let it be graduating high school and leaving for university, graduating university and leaving for a job or studying abroad for a while. Individual choices, but a huge loss for us as a team. Along the lines of persons leaving, you will find the more experienced ones, the ones who create our game on the field.

Marburg Lacrosse

Perspective! There was no longer a real perspective for the Marburg Saints to compete successfully in the first division. This is the reason why we decided to voluntary go down to the second German division. In our opinion we see playing lacrosse on a bit lower level as a chance to recruit new players and introduce them to the wonderful world of lacrosse. Our hope is to strengthen our roster again and collect new experiences. Consequently we aspire to regain the perspective to play in the first division.

It will be a long road with ups and downs until we can accomplish this goal and there is no guarantee for success, but we are confident and motivated and would like to share our experiences with you.

On this blog we will keep you informed about the Marburg Saints lacrosse team and their way back to the first division. Besides that, we will give you updates about other German teams, tournaments and all in all an overview about the lacrosse scene in Germany.

Marburg Lacrosse