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Germany Lacrosse Blog: One Weekend, Two Games

Editor’s Note: Please welcome Thorben Fiswick to the LAS Network. Thorben is 21 years old, studying law and playing Lacrosse in Marburg, Germany. He had his first experience with Lacrosse when he was 16 while going to school in England. Fast forward two quick years and he is still very active in the game. In this short period of time he has truly fallen in love with lacrosse, met tons of great people people, made many new friends and had a lot of memorable experiences.


One Weekend, Two Games

Our Season kicked off mediate. On the bright side we were 2-0 after two games, but on the other side we had to learn, that we needed to work hard for our wins and especially play more consistently. In both games we were able to get an early lead, but unable to keep our opponents from coming back into the game. And the next road bump of our season was already on its way. After some rescheduling we ended up with two away games on one weekend.


Our first game was against the “Müssel Rahawks” (The team partnership of the Kassel Raccoons and the Münster Mohawks). We knew that it would be a hard game, because both teams had a history of losing against us, before their teams merged. Now we had to face the best of both teams, with us still struggling with rebuilding and missing two of our starting defenders. The first half started slow with the game going back and forth. By the end of the half we were only 3-2 in front. The third quarter ended scoreless, but we lost our cool in the fourth. Decimated by several unnecessary penalties, we fell back four goals and could not recover. The game ended 6-4 and we had to admit, that the other team played smarter today.


With this upset on our back we had to go to Kaiserslautern for our next game. By then it already felt like we had spent the whole weekend in cars and locker rooms and the loss of the previous day did not help to raise our moods. On the other side we knew that we had to get ready for another game, and that the only right answer to being 2-1 now could be a win. Our opponent were the K-Town Lumberjacks, a team with a lot of American players that we remembered as really tough.

We started good in the first quarter, although we were still missing two of our staring defenders, we played a solid team defense, but did not manage to execute well on offense. The Lumberjacks grew stronger and managed to sneak one ball past our Goalie. Apparently this was the wakeup call our Offense needed. With three quick goals we recaptured the lead in the first quarter on regained our field dominance. From the second quarter on the game belonged only to the Saints. Our Offense really started to click and our Defense played an excellent game. The few shots that we had to give up were saved by our Goalie Matze Schmitz, who held the Lumberjacks scoreless for the rest of the game.


When the final whistle blew, we had won 16-1 and made a clear statement, that the previous loss was just a hiccup on the way. With our 3-1 record we are now preparing for our season highlight, the home game against our closest rival the Mainz Musketeers.