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GET JACKED! With Coach Scott Umberger

GET JACKED! With Coach Scott UmbergerThis Week’s GET JACKED! – Scott Umberger takes some lessons from Lance Armstrong.  Fighting tooth and nail for victory is the trademark of a champion.  Lance doesn’t look too happy to settle for 3rd place because he trained hard to prove he still had it.  Do you have what it takes?












It’s Not About The Stick



Scott Umberger > GET JACKED!

Quote of the Week:


Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever.

Lance Armstrong



It’s official: Lance Armstrong was third in the Tour De France this year. It’s a great feat for a guy who is 38 years old and has taken a few years off. Alberto Contador is the winner and was Lance’s teammate. Next year Lance will be on team Radio Shack and Alberto will not.

Maybe it will come out over time as to was exactly the problems were, but Alberto won’t shut up about the disagreements in the hotel at night. Lance has been first class about Alberto’s win during post race interviews and after seeing Lance on the podium it’s obvious that he is not happy about 3rd place. What champion would be? He’s being humble saying all the right things to the right people. His team was the overall winner and two members where on the podium.

This time around, Lance is now a bit more approachable instead of all business. Boo whoooo.. I know.

Ted didn’t like losing eitherBeing someone that doesn’t see things the way everyone else does, I see the fire burning. I can imagine the asshole that Lance was fighting for his 8th Tour Title and I LOVE it. He wanted it to the last second. He was the elder statesman and he fought his way up to the top 20, then to the top 10, then to the top 5, and he fought to stay there. It wasn’t Michael Jordan looking mortal in front of our eyes after he came back and had a Wizards Jersey on.

Lance came back and he brought everything that he had on the course on and off.

That’s the beauty in having what you would call, well it has many names: Eye of the Tiger, Heart, Guts, Balls of Steel, Pride, and Character.

Do yourself a favor and watch the Ted William’s bio on HBO. Ted was the last guy to hit .400. He was hitting .399 the day of a double header which were the last two games of the season. They thought that it would round up and he’d have his .400. Players in today’s game would’ve sat and got their bonuses. Ted played and would up hitting like .405. He was the greatest hitter the game has ever seen and he fought in the war for the United States in the middle of his career.

You are fortunate to be in the time of Lance’s Armstrong.  Do yourself a favor read both of Lance’s bio’s- It’s Not About the Bike and Every Second Counts. I’ll be honest, I think cycling sucks but these books changed my life.

What kind of man or woman are you? Are you even strong enough to walk away from a bad situation let along change the way the world views cancer. Live Strong!