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Get Jacked! With Coach Scott Umberger


Quote of the week:

Time is a companion that goes with us on a journey. It reminds us to cherish each moment (good or bad), because it will never come again. What we leave behind is not as important as how we have lived.

I could go on for days about Fat-America but this is not the forum.  Here are few rules if you are skinny and trying to get jacked.

  1. ETG- Eat To Grow.  Want to be big, eat big.  Eat and eat frequently.  You should be eating every two hours even if you aren’t hungry. Don’t give me the “I eat a ton but I can’t put on weight story”.  You eat like a broad!  Man up and eat! ETG!
  2. If it was alive, eat it.  Read that again.  Donuts have never lived.  Pizza was never alive either.  99.9% of cereal was never alive.  Wheaties sucks, people!  Processed carbs are not good carbohydrates.  Carbs don’t’ make people fat and lethargic, bad carbs make people fat and lethargic.
  3. Shop on the outside of the grocery store.  All the crap in the middle is packed with process food loaded with preservatives and chemicals.
  4. Eat vegetable and fruits for optimal performance.  The benefits are endless.  Try to eat as many raw vegetable as possible.  Cooking can cause the loss of around 80% of the nutrients in the vegetables.  Steaming is much better but there still is a loss.
  5. Try to stay away from Sucralose and Aspartame.  They are chemical sweeteners and the FDA says they are safe.  Yeah, safe at 1 soda a day.  These sweeteners are in everything.  I can’t buy non bubble gum that doesn’t have Aspartame in it. Check out the grocery store cookies that are so good.  The first or second ingredient is a chemical that is 15 letters long.
  6. Drink more water. Loose the Soda.  Caffeine is false energy.  Sleep and take care of your body.  Train hard and allow your body to burn the extra fat for fuel instead of you giving it a chemical to do so.


What food should I eat?

  • Eat a protein rich food: beef, fish, poultry, nuts, cottage cheese, eggs, beans, legumes.
  • Eat vegetable that aren’t ice berg lettuce, celery, and corn.  Cows are fat and they are fed corn.
  • Eat good fats like nuts and fish.


Don’t be the idiot that reads the muscle magazines and thinks that these guys are taking NO2 and getting jacked.  They are “juiced” out of their minds.  A natural bodybuilder can put on 10-15 pound of muscle in a year, with 15 pounds being on the high side.  These gains do not continue annually for 5 years.  They slowly start to taper.  Have you every noticed that EVERY Magazine owns a supplement company?  They all do (or at least they did a with the last year)!  I hope that you just had an “AH HA!” moment.

Don’t think that spending $500 on a miracle supplement will make up for your horrible diet.  The word supplement means to assist or aid in a good diet, not to make up for being lazy.

Supplements that you should be taking all the time…

  1. A quality multi vitamin
  2. Fish Oils- Try to find a quality product that is concentrated.
  3. A post workout shake with whey protein and a carbohydrate ratio of 2-1 complex to simple.  Mass Maker from Beverly International is a great post workout shake.  This is the most important meal of the day for an athlete.  Your body is a sponge needing protein, carbs, water, vitamins, etc.
  4. Maybe a meal replacement powder, whey protein, or meal replacement bar to supplement real food intake.  I understand that it is hard to get to 7 meals a day or real food.


Scott Umberger is the owner of Umberger Performance and can be reached through www, or email at

Scott Umberger has worked with high school, college (athletes from 20 different NCAA schools), and professional athletes(MLL, NHL-ECL, MLB, CHL, NFL, NBA, World Championship Games, and Arena Football I & II), 3 All-Americans (track, swimming, hockey), a Biletnikoff Trophy Winner (top DI Football Receiver), 2 Hobe Baker Trophy Finalist-top 3 and top 10 (Heisman Trophy of College Hockey), a top 10 NCAA scorer in Men’s Hockey, a member of the USA U-22 Woman’s Team, FINA Master World Championship Qualifying Swimmer, current Olympic Hopeful Javelin Thrower, ECAC/IC4A qualifying track hurdler.