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Weekly Tip: Get Your Teammates Involved with Ryan Flanagan

Weekly Tip: Get Your Teammates Involved

Training alone helps, but does it help the team? Get teammates involved to build a better squad.

Editor’s Note: We want to welcome New York Lizard/UNC grad/Team 247 founder/ESPN analyst/legend Ryan Flanagan to Flanagan is involved at every level of the game and his insight is unparalleled. Through his new RF YouTube channel, he’s been dropping knowledge on countless aspects of the game and we want to share this wisdom with you, starting with this Weekly Tip: Get your teammates involved!

No matter how you’re training, if you’re going at it alone… is that really best for the team? Get your buddies activated, whether it’s in wall ball sessions, shoot arounds, off-season league or workouts. Make sure as you are growing as an athlete, that you are pulling your teammates up with you.

“The more guys you can get practicing outside of practice with you, the more your team’s going to benefit from that once the season picks up!”

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As you make yourself a better lacrosse player, it’s your duty to also help make a better lacrosse team. Lead by example, leave nothing on the field, and when no one is looking, grab the squad and get your teammates involved.

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Between playing in Major League Lacrosse, commentating on the college game with ESPNU and running my club program, I’m involved in lacrosse at every level. Be sure to subscribe to my channel to follow me through the MLL offseason and as I prepare for the college season with ESPNU.

You’ll also be able to find some of the tips and drills I use as a player and coach, as well as product reviews on the equipment players are using at every level of our sport.

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