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Five Lacrosse Goalie Tips

Goalie Tips: Brick By Brick

Watch and learn! Today I’m bringing you five goalie tips suitable for a lacrosse player at any level.

But first… Look no further than the Premier Lacrosse League to witness outstanding play between the pipes. Goalie play has been spectacular so far this season. The efforts I’ve seen inspired me to pay tribute with this “Brick By Brick” video edit:

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And now, as promised, are five tricks of the trade of the goalie position…

Five Goalie Tips

Here are 5 quick tips to help you improve your game.

1. Study The Game

Soak in as much information as possible by watching videos, reading articles, and following your favorite athletes on social media. Remember, the best goalies watch the most film. Studying the game inside and out will take your lacrosse IQ to the next level.

2. Get in Great Shape

Be the hardest worker on your team. The top goalies in the PLL and MLL are fit, flexible, and athletic beings.
Let your work ethic set the tone for the entire team.

3. Set Realistic Expectations

Keep your metrics trending in the right direction. Make small goals that are reachable and trackable. Work on them day in and day out. You will see results if you focus on one skill at a time.

4. Learn Different Defense Scenarios

YOU are the commander. You must know different scenarios so you can direct your defense. A great way to learn this skill is through film. I challenge you to watch 15 minutes of film each day for the rest of summer.

5. See the Ball & Know Your Ready Position

Always know where the ball is on the field and be prepared to make the save.

Your vision and ability to see the ball is a crucial (know where the ball is at all times). Have your friends pass the ball like they’d be running an offense and take as many reps as you can. If you don’t have people to work with you can take five minutes each day to visualize an offense rotating around the cage. This will make getting in your Ready Position much easier.

Use these goalie tips. Get out and improve one skill today. I dare you.

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