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Going Home For The Holidays (Kind Of) – Cody Hart

Cody Hart has answered Connor’s call for “Going Home” photos. Cody tells a tale from a 1998 trip to Baltimore with Team Utah and shows off an old pink custom Woozles helmet!

Although I was unable to make it “Home for the Holidays,” when Mr. Wilson posted his picture of his first time playing lacrosse, and then suggested that this would be a good topic to write about, I knew exactly what was going into this post.  So I got on the phone with my dad and asked for some pictures to be sent.  Here they are:

Team Utah

In 1998, I was afforded the opportunity (at the age of 13) to play on what I was told was the first ever Team Utah.  We traveled to a tournament in Baltimore where we faced off against some very talented teams from across the country and the world.  It was especially amazing because as I look back at this photo and see my fellow team members, it is remarkable how far each of us went.  Andrew Goodhand (Bucknell), Chris “Chucky” Powers (NYIT), James Mutscheller (NDNU) were some of the guys I grew up playing the game with.  Not to mention the older guys that I always looked up to such as Rick Kladis and Trevor Larsen.  It was an amazing team and an amazing experience.

We may have only won one game (against Minnesota) and tied another (against a Baltimore squad) but it was definitely worth the cross country trip.  In looking at this picture, I only wish I could have those old white Stx arm guards again.  They don’t make them like that anymore.  Also, gotta love the tiny kid (me) that has to bend his elbows at 90 degrees just to keep all of the gear on.  Oh, did I mention the World Games were going on and we got to watch the US beat Canada in the Championship and then meet the players after the game?  I was literally shell shocked as I was meeting Mark Millon, the Powell brothers, and the Gait brothers.  This was definitely an experience that I’ll never forget.

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Woozles Old School Helmet pink lacrosse
What a Beauty! I might rock this in 2012.

The second photo I knew that I had to put of some old gear that was lying around my parents’ house was my Woozle Helmet.  I believe it was the second year that the Woozles existed and a bunch of the guys on the team talked about taking old helmets and making custom Woozle Helmets out of them.  Well, needless to say, I was the only one that followed through.  Now, the picture does the helmet much better justice than the actual finished result.  The helmet in real life is not nearly as polished and definitely has a rough exterior.  Nonetheless, I was pleased with the final product.  Not saying that I started the trend, but I am thinking I have to have at least one of the first all pink helmets in existence, if not the first.  Hope everyone has a Happy Holiday Weekend!

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