Gotham Lacrosse League Highlights (NYC)

Columbia Athletic Complex football stadium
Great location for the games!
Columbia Athletic Complex football stadium

Great location for the games!

On Tuesday night, I made my way up to Columbia’s Athletic Complex on 218th street in Manhattan (Inwood) from Brooklyn with my friend, and Southampton LC team captain, Christian Gould.  I hadn’t been to any Gotham Lacrosse League games (we had played 2 and lost both by a goal or two I gathered) and the story had been slow starts and then big comebacks that just fell short.

Well, week 3 was no different as we started slowly.  The only difference was that we didn’t so much make a furious comeback so much as make it closer.  Whatever, our numbers were a little low due to work, injuries, vacations and other Summer things, and we still managed to get out and have a good time.  Sometimes I feel really bad for the goalies in this league, because they do get hung out to dry quite a bit but whatever… they’re goalies.  It’s what they signed up for!

Video is at the bottom… here’s what to look for!

:07 second mark – Dye job.

:09 second mark – visor!

:16 second mark – perfectly placed low to high rip from a Midd Kid.

:36 second mark – a super sweet btb goal from Marc “Digger” Digiovani.  Dude can STILL ball at 32!

:40 second mark – nice longer clip of a shot, save, transition to a goal.

Around 1:00 in, we’ve got face off dominance.  This happened ALL night for (the guys in white)

BEyond that it’s more goals and solid defensive plays.  At the 1:56 mark I make a pass back to our goalie.  It was literally the best thing I did all night.  That’s how well I played.  Oh well, I also threw a kayak and got called for a hold.  C’est La Vie!  I kind of made it look like we (Southampton in orange) won the game, but we didn’t.  I don’t think it was even close really.  Still fun!

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