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What Makes A GREAT Lacrosse Clinic?

It’s easy to find a lacrosse clinic in your area, but it can be hard to find a truly great lacrosse clinic. What is a truly GREAT lacrosse clinic?

While it’s easier than ever to find a lacrosse clinic in your area, it can still be hard to find a truly great lacrosse clinic these days.

So what are some tell tale signs of a GREAT lacrosse clinic?

How do you find something that is well-run, beneficial, and worth your time?

It’s hard to find the perfect fit, so we decided to work with our partner, Trilogy Lacrosse, to create a Public Service Announcement on the topic! Trilogy Lacrosse is run by some really smart guys, and they put on numerous fantastic events. I’ve been to their youth tourneys and I’ve seen these guys coaching in action… they were a perfect partner, and they were on board about not making it all about them.

They want to see the game grow and weren’t afraid to share some secrets. Good stuff indeed!


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Mitch Belisle took us through the steps for the Trilogy Clinics, gave us an inside look at what they do, AND gave out some great advice to parents, players, and even Trilogy’s competitors, looking to put on a great clinic of their own. This is what it’s all about:

Do a great job with your own work, and share information freely to help kids improve everywhere…


Check out the video below on:

How To Run A GREAT Lacrosse Clinic!

Thanks to Mitch Belisle and all the guys over at Trilogy for being so open and honest with us about how to put on a great clinic. Hopefully, players and parents find this helpful when selecting future clinics, AND future clinics follow Trilogy’s advice, and put on a great event themselves.

At the end of the day, organization and passionate instruction make all the difference in the world, and Trilogy has it nailed. I was really impressed with the clinic they put on out in New Jersey, and I think their philosophy would benefit any group looking to do some high quality coaching!

For more on Trilogy’s countrywide camp and clinic offerings, check out their website,! For more great lacrosse video, check out the LAS YouTube Channel. It’s superb!

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