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Great Leaders Follow

Ex-Washington Redskin and current sports talk radio guy, LaVar Arrington had a rant of otherworldly proportions and I’m decreeing that this is now required listening for all of Lax Nation.

A quick backstory: former teammate of LaVar’s and all around diva Clinton Portis went on the NFL Network and essentially called out Arrington for being greedy and leaving the Redskins because he was jealous of all the attention Portis was getting. On a personal note, Portis also ruins my fantasy football team every season because I get sucked into the idea that finally this will be the year he becomes the workhorse back on a crappy team that unexpectedly has a rejuvenated year. Instead he plods his way to 50 yard / 0 TD games and makes me look like an idiot before going on the IL with a pulled hammy. Never again, Clinton.

Clinton Portis: known crazy person and crappy fantasy player.

LaVar didn’t take to kindly to these accusations and delivered a precision nuke of straight talk on what it REALLY means to be a leader of men. Football, lacrosse, life, whatever…there are some great moments in his 17 minute magnum opus. Instead of talking straight at Portis, he speaks straight to the younger generation.

Take a listen.

“And this is what I want you young kids that are listening to understand, it’s your work ethic. It’s your ability to make somebody better. It’s your ability to believe not only in yourself but in others that you are going to war with. It’s when you go into the weight room when you’re not even supposed to be in the weight room. It’s when you bring people with you. It’s when people around you accept the fact that there is something different about you, that can take me in a place that I would want to go. And people follow. That’s what a leader is. That’s what you should strive for. That’s what you wrap your mind around.

“I was a great leader when I played for this team. I don’t care what anybody says. I was a great leader because I was a great follower.

And finally here is a video of then Penn St. linebacker LaVar Arrington beating up on Super Bowl MVP and all-around golden boy Drew Brees.

[fvplayer src=”” splash=”” caption=”1999: LaVar forces fumble, picks it up, scores”]

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