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Greg Gurenlian Beast Mode Custom Gloves

I don’t know whether I should be inspired by these gloves or depressed that my hand will never be steady enough to do this on my own. Lucky for me Kacy Small, aka CruzWorldCustoms, is the man for the job, bringing dreams to life on his lacrosse glove canvases.

After meeting the legend at LaxCon, Kacy sat down with Greg Gurenlian to kick around some ideas for Greg’s ideal lacrosse glove.

Greg sent a pair of all white Maverik M3 gloves as the blank slate for the master to get to work. Let the mitts do all of the talking, first.

Since Greg is the face-off king for the New York Lizards, the pair decided that lizard skin gloves in his team colors would be the perfect design for the big man. Greg plays loud and lives loud, so the eye-popping Lizard green really makes a statement when these gloves roll up to the field.

Kacy adorned the cuff with Greg’s Beast logo, which tied the gloves together perfectly.

Check out the pair Kacy did for the CityLax Gala and for our own Connor Wilson last month and follow CruzWorldCustoms on Instagram to stay up to date with Kacy’s work and to pick up a pair for yourself!

Also make sure to add Greg “Beast” Gurenlian on Instagram and Twitter to follow one of the most entertaining athletes in professional sports!