Josh Acut Flour Bluff Lacrosse GTL 361
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Grow Texas Lacrosse: GTL361 Recap & Update

Editor’s Note: Welcome Josh “Chewy” Acut back to LAS!  Josh has been making unbelievable strides down in South Texas spreading the game of lacrosse.  He’s been organizing a men’s club, a HS club, a push for lacrosse overall in South Texas and has even been recruited to start up a new team about 2 hours away from where he currently lives.  This guy Grows the Game like it’s his job… it probably should be his job actually!  He’s just that good!!


Josh Acut Flour Bluff Lacrosse GTL 361
Josh running off the field, always with a smile on his face!

So…  What a BUSY couple of weeks!  With GTL361: The Bluff VS San Antonio happening and trying to get everything lined up for the Mens Team GCLA (Gulf Coast Lacrosse Association) season things have been pretty hectic down South.

The Flour Bluff Lacrosse Club’s High School Team had their first game at GTL361, and they played Central Catholic High School out of San Antonio, TX.  They ended up losing by a bit more then I care to mention (11-1), but the kids played hard, played fast, and played with a ton of heart.  They also only had one sub!!!  Central Catholic is a GREAT program, well established, well coached, and played with a lot of class.  Some might look at the score and beg to differ, but the kids played and that was the score, no one gave up and no one ran up the score. *Lone Goal from FB LAX cam from Bryston S.*

This past weekend the Flour Bluff Lacrosse Club’s High School team faced off VS Madison Lacrosse. This game was really close till the end of the 3rd quarter with Flour Bluff only being down 3-1.  The big kicker is that in this game, the FB LAX squad had NO subs!  Due to injury, safety concerns over driving conditions, and dual-sport athletes, we were limited to only 10 players.  Coaches Stephen Charlebois and Brian Schafer did a good job in rotating the players and in using timeouts wisely.  The Players themselves played a VERY physical game so between fatigue and some penalties late in the 2nd half, the Madison Lacrosse Club was able to take advantage and secure a hard fought 6-1 victory.  *Lone goal came from Nathan G. with HUGE hits coming from Ian M., Chris B., and Austin G.*

Overall its been a good start of the season for the boys and we could not be any prouder!  Their heads are up and they keep on workin’!

On the Mens team side…

GTL361 featured the 1st time the Flour Bluff Lacrosse Clubs Mens team has paired up with the Corpus Christi Mens Lacrosse team, in what proved a very successful plan because we beat the San Antonio Los Luchadores Lacrosse Club 6-5… Or 6-4.

Josh Acut Flour Bluff Lacrosse GTL 361
Love the uniforms, Chewy! Very nice!

This win prompted a decision to merge the FB Lax and CC Lax Mens team, to form the 361LAX Mens Lacrosse Team.  This team will be competing in the GCLA, the GTL Tour, and any other competitive lacrosse events in the Texas area.

Josh Acut Flour Bluff Lacrosse GTL 361
A little bit of game action.

So there you go… The past two weeks of lacrosse happenings down South.

Thank you STX, Lacrosse the Nations, Goodwill Industries, AND for helping to make GTL361 a success!

Peace, Love, and Laxiness to all!

Chewy’s Out!