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Grow Texas Lacrosse: GTL361

Editor’s note:  Josh Acut and the Flour Bluff Lacrosse Club have some big news to announce.  I’ll let Josh do the explaining below, but wanted to give a special shoutout to these guys for doing such a great job and keeping such a positive attitude.  Keep up the fantastic work, fellas!!

Sometimes “Growing the Game” means more than just growing the sport of lacrosse.  We’ve been really busy in South Texas getting the Flour Bluff Lacrosse Club’s High School Team ready for their first game EVER, on January 29th, in Corpus Christi, TX.  With that being said, I figured we’d turn a simple lacrosse game into a FULL FLEDGED event, the GTL361!

We have one of the most established High School teams in the Central Texas area, Central Catholic High School (San Antonio), coming in to play the FB Lacrosse Club’s HS Squad, and we have the San Antonio Mens Lacrosse Club, lead by Billy Tauzin, who coached the France National Lacrosse Team, coming in for a rematch of GTL210.  What really adds to GTL361 is that we will be partnering up with both Goodwill Industries of South Texas to have a HUGE clothing drive and also Lacrosse the Nations in which proceeds from all admission/merchandise sales will go to them in their efforts to Grow the Game beyond our borders.

GTL361 grow texas lacrosse lax flyer
Nice flyer work!

We wanted to partner up with Goodwill Industries of South Texas because they give back year round and not only do they hold clothing drives, but they have a very successful Youth Mentor/Outreach program.  They will have a number of donation boxes at GTL361, but we have pushed that this event is not the only time that you can donate… You can donate ALL YEAR LONG.  So any time you ask yourself, do I even wear/need this anymore…  Donate it to Goodwill!  Did you know that OVER 90% of all money that they collect through sales and donations goes straight back into their community programs… I didn’t either until I went through their website and really did my homework on them.

Lacrosse the Nations was an easy organization to pick as a group that we wanted to work with.  I met with Brett Hughes a couple months back in Austin, TX, and he is truly dedicated to giving back, growing the game, and helping programs like ours succeed.  The GTL Tour is not the biggest lacrosse movement in the nation (GTL361 will only be our 2nd event) and the Flour Bluff Lacrosse Club is barely off the ground, but it is NEVER too early to start giving back.

And finally, STX Lacrosse will also be sending us some goodies, but I have to say THANK YOU to them because through the US Lacrosse Equipment Grant, they are OUR equipment supplier.  But let’s not forget Riddell/Onyx Lacrosse for sending us helmets to protect our heads… yeah the helmets are SICK and pictures will be coming soon.  Thank You to BOTH companies for giving us the means to supply the High School team with the protection they need.

January 29th will be a HUGE deal for us AND for our supporters.  I truly believe that after GTL361, Corpus Christi/South, Texas will embrace the “Fastest Game on Two Feet” and that lacrosse will be permanently etched into the sports culture in the South.

It’s Countdown Time…. Let’s Go!!!! GTL: Grow Texas Lacrosse!

Texas SUV flag
Grow the Game. Has nothing to do with this truck.

*Disclaimer-  The Flour Bluff Lacrosse Club’s Mens and HS Teams are not affiliated with Flour Bluff Independent School District.  Any questions or comments regarding the Flour Bluff Lacrosse Club can be sent to or