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Flour Bluff Lacrosse Club
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Grow Texas Lacrosse: South Texas Summer!

Flour Bluff Lacrosse Club
The Flour Bluff Lacrosse Club

Editor’s Note: Welcome Josh “Chewy” Acut back to LAS!  He’s got some awesome news out of South Texas in the ways of Growing The Game and finishing what one starts!  Josh is doing more for the game of lacrosse than any of us realize right now… it’s well worth giving him your full, undivided attention!  Grow Texas Lacrosse!!!!!

So, Summer LAX has officially started up again down South.  The PVC goals have been replaced with real lacrosse goals, the 361LAX Men’s Club Team won the 2011 Gulf Coast Lacrosse Association Championship, the FB LAX High School Boys’ Team survived Year One and accomplished something many doubted they would, and we have officially launched the FB LAX Girls’ team… What?!?!  YUP!

Yeah, you heard that right… THE FB LAX GIRLS’ TEAM is a reality!  And that’s just the beginning.  The 361LAX Womens Team is also in the works.  But back to the FB LAX Girls Team.

With all the buzz that’s been going on about the game of lacrosse in Corpus Christi, TX, it was just a matter of time before a girls team was launched.  A couple girls had started talking about it last year, but with all our attention focused on the Boys Team and the 361LAX Mens Team, the female side was never given any of our time… ’til now!

A couple Facebook messages and BAM!  We have a group of girls that are eager to learn and willing to work!  So just like before, we (Myself and Ryan Flores) bought some sticks, one of the girls had a couple that she brought, and it started.  But seriously, what do a bunch of dudes know about Womens LAX?!  Only what we saw online, and man oh man!!!   There are just so many versions of this, and ways to do that… yada yada.  We knew we were in over our heads.

Next year they’ll be talking about the ladies!!!!!

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Luckily, we do have a couple of lady laxer’s from last year that moved away but were still easy to contact, Lauren and Katie, and we used their knowledge as a starting point…. But then we introduce Erin.  Erin Rawlick from the Naval Academy.  One of the top 2010 NCAA DI Leading Scorers, 2010 Tewarraton Watch List Candidate… Basically google her and you’ll see that she’s the FB LAX Girls Team version of the 361LAX Mens Team’s Dan Gnazzo.  We don’t want to seem cocky and say we have the BEST coach possible for these girls… But the facts is that we do.

Coach Brian Schafer (FB LAX Boys Team) put me in touch with Erin, and the rest is history.  Yes, she flies planes, which is sick, but she also loves lacrosse!  And she is more than willing to help us launch the FB LAX Gurls Team.  I could go on and on about how much Erin means to this program, but then all my gushing might start discounting the biggest part of the equation… The Girls Team itself!

The couple of times that I have met with the FB LAX Girls Team, they have been so stoked and eager to learn.  So many times in the past we’ve seen kids that want to play, but not learn, but these ladies want to learn.  They are not above learning the basics, and listen to everything that they’re being told… Thank God!!  Haha!  But they’ve hit the ground running and we hope to have a small girls “league” running by the Spring, and hopefully in the next year or so enter the Texas Girls High School Lacrosse League.

So as we kick off Summer LAX 2011 with the addition of the FB LAX Girls Team, we ask… What’s Next?!?!  and my answer to that is, who knows!

Peace, Love, and Laxiness,

Stay tuned for news on the NEWEST team to enter the Texas High School Lacrosse League… The Smithson Valley Lacrosse Club!!!  What What?!?

The GTL Tour: Grow Texas Lacrosse!!!

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