Grow The Game Laces Now Available!


Grow The Game Laces

Over the past few weeks, we’ve slowly trickled out information about our newest and coolest creation, Grow The Game Laces. These aren’t just your average shoelaces, and I think the houndstooth pattern is proof of that. What’s more, the length is perfect for your favorite pair of Nike cleats, and they also make for high caliber shooting strings!

However, the real story here isn’t the quality or utility of the product, it’s the message infused within the laces themselves. Much like the HEADstrong Foundation shoelaces, which have become widely popular over the past couple of years and were our inspiration for this project, these new GTG Laces also stand for something very meaningful.

As many of you know, it is’s goal to give back and help Grow this Game as much as we possibly can. We plan to use the GTG laces as a vehicle to do just that.

Lax All Stars Grow The Game Shoelaces
Let’s get growing.

As of today, we’re putting the GTG Laces up for sale in our online store and dedicating all the proceeds to our new GTG FUND. is still in its infancy. As we chase our vision for this lacrosse media company, we recognize all the things our readers do to support us. The GTG FUND, which we’ll share more about in future posts, will be our way of supporting the game growing endeavors of LAS readers, and it all starts with the sale of these GTG Laces.

So, to keep this short, let’s grow. Purchase your GTG Laces here and join us in Growing the Game.

GTG Laces
I’m wearing these cleats right now as I type this post.

P.S. – If you read this post and purchase a pair of laces, forward the receipt you receive from The Lacrosse Shop to me at [email protected].  I’ll see to it that you get one of our brand new MCLA Fan stickers in your order as well. Many thanks and GTG!