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Growing The Game: Everyone Deserves A Chance To Play

Editor’s note: Welcome Muamer Razic to the LAX Network.  Muamer is growing the game out in Bowling Green, Kentucky and he has some words of encouragement and advice that you need to hear about what you can do to make Lacrosse the best it can be!

Whatever you may be celebrating this holiday season, make sure to be safe while doing it and just take a moment and realize how lucky you are. As a laxer, there’s a bunch of stuff you could do to give back to the Lil’ Laxers in your community; set up a day every week just to help out at your local community center or elementary school. I know that as a kid I would have loved if someone would have introduced the game of Lacrosse to me. Some people were lucky to have the opportunity to learn about the game at a young age.

So all you bros would have to do is just go out and teach and promote the game of Lacrosse!  As a high-schooler, college student, or adult, little kids look up to you. If they see you guys or girls promoting the game of lacrosse they’ll think it’s so cool, because if older people are doing it, it has to be cool for the Lil’ Laxers, right?

kentucky youth lacrosse players
Check out those little lax groms!

It sounds like a lot, but make it informal and simple. Tell all your friends who have siblings that every Tuesday, for example, will be Lil’ Laxers Day. Invite all the Lil’ kids you can.  If you truly love the game of lacrosse you’ll be more than willing to start this. Take the initiative to make a difference in some little kids’ lives; all you have to do is teach them what you love doing.  It shouldn’t be that hard!

You could team up with your local parks and rec department, or health awareness group, to help you out. They would be all over the idea, and you would be giving back to the community in which you lax it up in.

Some of you may think that it would be a waste of time or that kids can get interested themselves, but come on, why wouldn’t you want to help out some little kids?  You would be helping them fight obesity, stay healthy, stay out of trouble, and learn about the game of lacrosse. Who knows you might even be helping out the next Paul Rabil!!

kentucky lax love image
I love lamp. and lady. and lax.

I’ve got to give a shout out to Josh “Chewy” Acut because he is the one that suggested this idea to me and I figured that it was such a good idea that I shouldn’t just use it for my city, but help Grow the Game by publishing it on LAS.

All I really ask you to do is to think about what you are thankful for this holiday season and see if that doesn’t help convince you to give back to your community. For those of you that enjoy sharing with others, or want to get something off of your chest, feel free to comment on this article and your fellow Lax Bros will help you out.

I’ll go ahead and start, I am very thankful that I have been able to recover from being sick and help start a lacrosse club and the very first tournament in my city. I wouldn’t have been able to succeed in this task without the help of some great guys. So thank you Josh “Chewy” Acut, Pete Schroeder, Connor Wilson and everyone else for helping me out with this adventure. All 3 of these awesome bros will be receiving a “thank you” present from me because they deserve it for everything they have done for me. These guys are 3 of the nicest laxers you will ever meet.

So thank you bros! And if you guys need anything the 2-7-0 has got your back.