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NCAA D1 Lacrosse Tournament haiku

Haiku Style 2017 D1 Men’s Lacrosse Poll

Ryan Conwell stepped up his game in a major way and provided a Haiku describing each Top 20 D1 team, and why he ranked them where he did.

I will supply my votes this week, but little else, as my votes are far from the focus here. Why are my votes meaningless this week? Well, my votes are always meaningless, but in addition to that fact, Ryan Conwell also stepped up his game in a major way and provided a Haiku describing each team, and why he ranked them where he did.

When someone else delivers perfection, don’t try to improve upon it. Just take in the perfection in all its glory, and appreciate that you experienced it firsthand.

Ryan, take it away:

Last week, our little exploration into poetry turned out to be a big hit (Disclaimer: I don’t actually know if it was a big hit). Because it was received so well, I want to continue deliver team descriptions in a way that gives you an idea of what I’m thinking with each pick, but also tip my hat towards the finer things in life.

Therefore, each team has its own haiku this week. Enjoy. Or not.

Haiku D1 Lacrosse Poll

Rank | RC’s Vote | CW’s Vote | RC: Team Haiku

1 | Penn State | Penn State | RC:

Big conference win

Still undefeated this year

Welcome to the top

2 | Syracuse | Hofstra | RC: 

They just keep winning

This was their best game so far

Home rivalries next

3 | Notre Dame | Syracuse | RC:

Tough close loss at home

They remain a top team still

Final four or bust

4 | Albany | Army | RC:

Talk about scoring

Sea Wolves did not stand a chance

Great Danes gonna run

5 | Army | Notre Dame | RC:

Survive a league scare

You should believe in Army

Very complete team

6 | Maryland | Ohio State | RC:

Terps with a statement

Big Ten title in their sights

Not an easy road

7 | Denver | Denver | RC:

Pios dominate

Hoyas did not stand a chance

Must keep improving

8 | Hofstra | Albany | RC:

Four games are left now

Some good wins, but none are great

They need to win out

9 | Ohio State | Maryland | RC:

Only scored four goals?

Folding under pressure now

Only gets harder

10 | Johns Hopkins | Princeton | RC: 

Big win V Rutgers

Must overcome their schedule

Peak at the right time

11 | Virginia | Johns Hopkins | RC:

Good win at Richmond

Must win in ACC though

Avoid playing Penn

12 | Duke | Duke | RC:

They just took over

Great second half at NC

Still inconsistent

13 | Richmond | Rutgers | RC:

Spiders are for real

Basically in ACC

But, still need to grow

14 | Rutgers | Virginia | RC:

A really bad game

Are a better team than this

But they need to win

15 | Princeton | Richmond | RC:

They did what to Brown?

Looking good to host Ivy now

They cannot slide back

16 | Loyola | Yale | RC:

Still inconsistent

They are strong within their league

Much more to do, though

17 | Binghamton | Towson | RC:

They just keep winning

But their schedule is quite soft

Spiedies for the team!

18 | Boston University | Michigan | RC:

Three and two in league

The best teams are still up next

Will need league AQ

19 | Towson | Boston University | RC:

Towson held on tough

Three losses are to good teams

Jays only good win

20 | Providence | Binghamton | RC:

Welcome to the poll

Quietly building a force

Big East Contender

Wow. That was epic, Ryan. Well done. I really only have one contribution here and it is a general look at the D1 scene:

People love to talk

Results speak louder than polls

Only two months left

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