Harrow Lax Trick Video Meets Blair Witch

Scoping out the recently added lax vids on YouTube and I found this kid. I’m guessing he’s from Canada because of a slight accent (might be making that up) and the name of the shaft he’s sporting.


My favorite part is his Blair Witch-style filming and ‘honest’ commentary. This got me thinking… Could this kid be the new face of a viral marketing campaign by Harrow?

No, I don’t think this is a viral video. I think this kid is just trying to have some fun on YouTube. But what if that’s just what I’m supposed to think? What if this is all some mind trick to make me think I’m watching some random kid talk lacrosse when I’m really getting sold a brand new Harrow shaft? Is Harrow trying to control my mind?

More importantly, WHAT IF Burney WAS really playing the guitar??? Check it:


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