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Hawk Six Shooter Traditional For CityLax

Check out the Hawk Six Shooter pocket we just picked up!

Nathan Aviles, an avid stringer and lacrosse player out in Arizona actually sent this head to us to check out. Needless to say, we were pumped that someone thought so highly of us to actually send us one of their heads, but we were also impressed by Nathan’s string job, and it’s the first Hawk Six Shooter we’ve seen so far!

Nathan used maroon cross lace for the sidewalls and outside portion of the diamond pocket. The inside traditional is all white, and it all sits on a beautiful set of dark brown leathers.

Mr. Aviles also did an interesting thing with the shooting strings as he stacked a nylon shooter in between two white cotton shooters.

Hawk Six Shooter by Nathan Aviles


The ball really sits nicely right below the three shooters, and it works well with the Hawk’s high pocket favoring design. It’s a well thought out, well done stick by an aspiring stringer!

I’ve been out to play wall ball with this stick a couple of times and it throws very consistently. The pocket still needs to break in more, but the cross lace does not shift at all, and the pocket is rock solid in construction.

Nathan kept the giving spirit going, and emailed me again to ask me if I would gift this head to CityLax on his behalf because he figured I had more than enough sticks of my own… and he’s absolutely right!

I was thrilled to get this head in the mail to check out. Nathan did a great job of stringing it. But I was even more thrilled to hear him ask me to give the head away to a kid in need! A good stringer AND a giving person. Gotta love that.


Shout out to Nathan Aviles for stringing up the Epoch Hawk with the first Six Shooter I’ve ever seen in one. Another shout out for sending the head to me personally. A third, largest shout out for asking that the head go to a NYC kid in need.

You’re a good man Nathan Aviles, keep it up my friend!