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Hazelwood (MO) vs. MICDS (MO) Video Highlights

Editor’s Note: Please welcome Dustin Rich to the LAS Network. Born and raised in Springfield, Missouri, Dustin Rich knows a thing or two about growing the game. Rich currently coaches the men’s team at Missouri State University and in his spare time enjoys all things lacrosse. Check out all of Dustin’s contributions here.

Video Credit: Dirty Dog Digital Productions

Here are the highlights from the March 13 game between MICDS and Hazelwood. The final score was 14-1 MICDS.

GAME NOTES: The game was the 2nd of the season for MICDS, the first game being a 9-4 loss to St. Albans (DC) on March 9. MICDS was picked as the preseason champs in the first ever coaches poll. Hazelwood was 1-1 coming into this game, with a 14-2 win over Springfield and a 8-1 loss to Parkway West. MICDS will play their next game at Culver Military Academy (IN) on March 15. Hazelwood will play their next game at Seckman on March 27.

Many thanks to Dirty Dog Digital Productions for making this tape (and many more) available.