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Help A Lacrosse Player Crash The Super Bowl

Corporate Behemoths, Pepsi and Doritos, have created a contest to “Crash The Super Bowl”.  It was an open call to make a commercial for either Pepsi Max or Doritos where the 5 finalists for each brand each win $25,000.  If their video is the eventual winner, it airs during the Super Bowl.  For an up and comer, this is a huge opportunity and someone from the lacrosse world is making a big splash.  Michael Donegar, who played at Hopkins, has done some great video work already (some for the Hop lax team), but this commercial is honestly very funny.  It draws you in and gives you a little twist at the end.  Perfect for the Super Bowl!

You can check out the Overall contest or just go right to Donegar’s Entry – Elevator Girl

So check out Donegar’s video, vote him in to the Super Bowl and maybe the fame and notoriety will allow him to bring lacrosse to the next level in the ad and video world.   Hey, the Super Bowl is BIG… so all that could happen!  Plus the guys is talented… and that never hurts!!  Kyle Harrison alerted me to all this via Twitter.  Technology rules!

Kyle Harrison Michael donegar super bowl twitter
KHarrison with the assist! Where have I heard that before? Oh yea, lax fields.