Stylin Strings Custom Lax All Stars Dye Job
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Help Decide The LAS/Stylin’ Strings Dye Contest Winner

Remember when we offered up a custom dyed head by Stylin’ Strings?  Remember when we asked you guys to submit your best home dye jobs, and the winner would get the LAS head?  Well it’s time to make good on ALL of those promises!  The readers have sent in their dyes, we’ve picked our top 5, and now they are up on our facebook page as a photo album!

So here is where you come in… go to our facebook page, check out the Dye Contest Album, and comment and like the dye or dyes that you think are best.  The dye with the most likes and comments will win the Stylin’ Strings head.  Simple, fan-based, and 99% democratic.  Contest perfection.

If you entered the contest, made the Top 5, but don’t end up winning, don’t despair TOO hard!  Every dye that gets at least 50 likes will receive socks.  Every dye that receives 100+ likes will get a GTG shirt… even if you don’t win the dyed head!  That’s just what you get for entering our contests: endless respect and swag.

Stylin Strings Custom Lax All Stars Dye Job
I'm positive that you want this!