Hey Jumbo Jack: Top Down, Boots On

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M-M 62 Vette from HS

On Monday we published an interview with Matt Hickerson from the Arizona Laxcats as part of our Fireside Chat series. One of the things we asked Matt about was what it’s like having Mickey-Miles Felton back as head coach. Our sensors detected that the interview picked up a lot of attention from the Southwestern quarter and yesterday we got word back from the man himself.

Mickey-Miles reached out to us after seeing this comment from Jumbo Jack:


Mickey took time out to thank us for interviewing one of his players and told us how excited he was to be back in the saddle with the Laxcats this year. He also included several photos. This one is our favorite:

M-M Red

For anyone who thinks red boots aren’t in style, think again. Classy red boots never go out of style. Plus, it’s not everyday we get an email from a proud coach.

So, thanks to Mickey and best of luck to the Laxcats in 2010. We’ll be looking out for you guys.

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