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High Peaks Summit Classic Lake Placid 2017
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High Peaks Summit Classic Delivers in Lake Placid

Right in the thick of another beautiful Summer full of lacrosse, travel, and relaxing fun with family and friends. Summer isn’t Summer in my book without a trip up to Lake Placid to play some high quality lacrosse, all while living a low-stress life while you’re up in the Adirondacks.

The High Peaks Summit Classic was again held on the same lacrosse fields that thousands of games have been played on over the years in the Lake Placid tourney. This relatively new offering from Summit Lacrosse Ventures is quickly establishing itself as another Summer staple, and I’m personally a huge fan.

High Peaks Summit Classic


Ten teams made the trek up north this past summer’s June 23-24 weekend, up from six in the inaugural year. This modest start means a small number of teams, that’s obvious, but that’s part of what makes it special. We cover this event because we love it anyway. Why? Because SLV continues to build brilliant events not judged by the quantity of teams, but rather quality of experience those teams have. And this tourney has some unique offerings!

Hudson Valley Police & Fire won over Mohawk Raiders 14-11 to take home the victory in the brand new First Responder’s Division. This division particularly peaks my interest, and I look forward to seeing more and more of our local community heroes given the opportunity to play ball and enjoy their hard-earned time off.

The Long Island Tide won the 18+ Open division by a score of 10-2 over the Brooklyn Dodgers lacrosse club. Team 29DB12 also won their last game by a commanding score of 17-2 over the Catamount High Peaks team. Both the Long Island Tide and 29DB12 teams will be rewarded for winning first and second place with invitations to join the Open division of the Lake Placid Summit Classic in 2019. To ‘qualify’ with a win in the High Peaks Summit Classic is to skip a years-long wait list.High Peaks Summit Classic Lake Placid 2017

I could go to a men’s tournament every weekend of the year if I had the time (read: money), but very few would have the atmosphere and vibe that I’m really looking most forward to. There are super high competitive tournaments, and there are absolute boozers that are more about the party than the play. I used to think that was a linear spectrum. I thought about that up until right now sitting here writing this.

Experience is that third corner of the spectrum, and I believe that hosting a competitive men’s tournament in such a brilliant place with relaxation and recreation off the field being a central value is huge for this event.

The elephant in the room is how massive and prolific SLV’s Lake Placid Summit Classic is, and has been for the past 25+ years. What makes the Lake Placid tournament you’ve come to know and love for years and the High Peaks tournament that’s still defining itself both so great is the quality assured.

When you get that same quality, same professional organization, same service – it doesn’t matter if there are two teams or two hundred. The High Peaks Summit Classic is about getting some high quality lacrosse in, and then enjoying the rest of the day with your teammates.

Play lacrosse. Get on the lake. Hike a mountain. Ride a bike. Have a great meal and a cold beer. Days, weeks, months of your year can be never-ending stress. This is your break, you’ve earned this!

See you at the High Peaks Summit Classic for year three in beautiful Lake Placid!