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Anthony Uva High School lacrosse FOGO
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High School Face Off Specialist Catching Eyes

Here at LaxAllStars, we don’t like to put the spotlight on any athlete until he has proven himself at the collegiate level or beyond. Every now and then we find an exception, in this case former Seton Hall Prep high school face off specialist Anthony Uva deserves a little extra love.

If you are like us, you find yourself scrolling through lax pages on Instagram, in which you likely have seen a comment from Anthony on difference accounts asking people to watch his recruiting video. 99.9% of the time, this is annoying, but since I mistook Anthony’s last name for a shout out to the University of Virginia, I decided to give him a look. (No, he’s not trying to show the Cavs some love, the kid’s last name is Uva, but I like the idea of him going to UVA!)

Anthony looks exceptional on the initial clamp and does a great job of incorporating his wing guys in to the play, something that is starting to get lost at the FOGO position.

His listed face off percentage is 84%, which is astounding for his level of play. He has been listed at a member of the Seton Hall Prep class of 2017, but a note on his YouTube page states that Anthony is reclassifying this fall at Trinity Pawling boarding school in Upstate New York with the class of 2018. SHP went 16-4 at the varsity level this past season while Trinity Pawling finished 7-12 in the Western New England D1.

We’ve got high hopes for Anthony, but with no pressure, this kid can back his stuff up! We will just have to wait a few years to see how his story plays out!