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Highlight Video Battle: NCAA D3 VS MCLA

It’s NCAA D3 Vs MCLA Lacrosse time on!

We got had great highlight tapes submitted to us right around the same time, and it led to a highlight video battle, featuring two tough programs: one is consistently a Top 40 team from the MCLA, and the other is consistently an NCAA D3 Top 30 program. We’ve got UCLA VS Wesleyan on tap today and it tastes great!

Wesleyan – 2014 Season

Wesleyan went 12-5 in 2014 and got big wins over Bowdoin, Keene State, RPI, Conn College, and Middlebury. They lost a 17-11 game to eventual D3 champion Tufts, and also dropped games to Union, Clarkson, and Amherst (twice). All of their losses were relatively tight games.

UCLA – 2014 Season

UCLA finished 7-7 on the year, but struggled against true Top 20 teams. The Bruins started out 3-0, but then dropped a tight game to Stanford before facing a really tough Cal Poly team. 3 of UCLA’s last 4 games were losses, but the team was more competitive during that stretch than they had been for much of the year. Either way, it resulted in some sweet highlights!

NCAA D3 Vs MCLA Lacrosse Highlight Battle

First you can watch UCLA’s highlight. It’s six minutes of excellence!

UCLA begins with an AC/DC track. Never a bad move.

And then you can feast your eyes on the Wesleyan highlight tape. No AC/DC here, but I dig the musical selection as well! Check out Wesleyan and UCLA on YouTube!

Now I’m not particularly interested in who is “better” or who would win the game… I’m more interested to know which style of highlight you preferred!

Did you like the longer approach of UCLA? Or did you prefer the harder hitting quick cut style of Wesleyan? Does a highlight video make you more likely to look at a school or follow them online? Or does a highlight just mean you’re going to kill 3-6 minutes online and that’s it?

We want to hear what you guys think, what you like to see in a highlight video, and which style you prefer. Good luck to both Wesleyan and UCLA this Spring!