NLL Stephen Keogh Lacrosse
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Hilarious NLL Lacrosse Photos

The NLL is off to a hot start with some great games already in the books, even though the season is still quite young.  We’ve been previewing each week’s action, making picks, and showing off new custom equipment, but now it’s time to have a little fun with some Hilarious NLL Photos!  The NLL is mostly business, and a little bit party.  This is a celebration of the latter!

You Could Catch A FISH With That Net!

NLL Stephen Keogh Lacrosse

That MUST Be A Different Connor Wilson…

The guys at HeadWrapz sent this one over from the Colorado game last weekend with the following message:

“Happy 16th Birthday”,  LOL. This rolled across my laptop as I’m watching the Mammoth game. No offense, but you look terrible for a 16 year old.
Connor Wilson 16th birthday NLL
Connor is OLD. Not 16!

How Many Brian Langtrys Can You Fit On A Floor?

In honor of Brian Langtry retiring, every Colorado Mammoth player wore Langtry’s #6 jersey with his name on the back.  It was a great tribute, but I just kept thinking about the X-Men.

COLORADO MAMMOTH Brian Langtry jersey NLL
I got #6. Wait...

Ok, so I couldn’t find any X-men clips. But you get the idea.  Benny Hill music is always a plus.