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Hilsgen’s Frequent Flyer Miles

Last season, I gave you a look at each Division 2 MCLA team’s out-of-conference schedule. This year, I want to do the same thing. But bigger.

I’ll give you each and every team’s full slate of games, some analysis of their chances, and a grade on their OOC schedule strength. Surprisingly enough last season, one coach got mad I gave his team a ‘D’ and went out to schedule an ‘A’ this year and this has resulted in his teams first ever OOC road trip.  Glad I could help!

The series will again go from conference to conference all lacrosse the nation, once schedules are finalized and posted on, which usually happens sometime in December.

For now, here’s a look at the MCLA Division 2 2011 schedules I could find.

The Citadel


Southern Virginia

Hope College


Sam Houston State

Southern Oregon


UC-Santa Cruz


Western Oregon

Keep in mind, these schedules may not be finalized, but they give you a good look into what each team plans on doing in 2011.  (Editor’s Note: have you ever seen so many different schedule templates?  Didn’t think so.)


I’m not the only member of the UNCG staff leaving. Head Coach John Wright, a former Co-Head Coach at Oregon has also resigned.

Win a complete chrome stick courtesy of 412!!!!

Still no word on my coaching future.

New LAS Thread Shop. Go Forth and Buy.

First person to name that reference gets  a high five.