Hong Kong Lacrosse Team Fans 2014 World Lacrosse Championship
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Hong Kong Closes Out 2014 World Lacrosse Championship

As if the Hong Kong lacrosse team didn’t make enough AWESOME videos along the way, the HKLA produced one more video to close out their experience to the 2014 World Lacrosse Championships earlier this month in Denver, Colorado.

After you watch the following video, make your way over to their YouTube page to catch the first 5 videos from the series incase you’ve missed them.

Hong Kong’s total reach includes the mainland territories and series of islands saturated over 7 million people, 17 thousand or so per square mile. Although only about 20% on HK’s space is occupied, the lacrosse program seems to have a lot of potential with the continued success and massive population to pull from.

It also helps that sports like lacrosse don’t have the same social stigma in HK as they do in China. Many of the Chinese lacrosse players in Denver explained to me that the always get questioned or ridiculed by family and friends for playing lacrosse because it is not viewed as a pathway for success in China.

To the Chinese lacrosse may not seem practical for daily life, but in Hong Kong it is not so pressuring due to the heavy British influence from their time as a colony. Hence how they have been able to compete on the big stage since Perth in ’02.

Hong Kong Lacrosse Team 2014 World Lacrosse Championship

This was HKLA’s 4th time to the World Lacrosse Championship and they have improved significantly. In 2014 they placed 21st out of 38, better than last year’s 22nd out of 29 finish and much better than 2nd to last the first two times at the World Games.

Hong Kong (5-3)

  • W – Hong Kong 13 Austria 12 OT
  • W – Hong Kong 11 Belgium 9
  • L – Hong Kong 2 Germany 21
  • L – Hong Kong 4 Poland 14
  • W – Hong Kong 15 Bermuda 11
  • L – Hong Kong 9 Latvia 19
  • W – Hong Kong 14 Bermuda 13
  • W – Hong Kong 10 Turkey 4

What’s next for the young men of Hong Kong? Time can only tell, but the future sure looks bright.