Hong Kong Lacrosse history
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Hong Kong Lacrosse Roots – A Brief History

Editor’s Note: Please welcome Mich Watt and Jordan Wong of the Hong Kong Lacrosse Association (HKLA) to LaxAllStars.com. They have joined up on this special Throwback Thursday to share the history of lacrosse in Hong Kong to honor the Chinese New Year! We will let them take it from here.

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“Kung Hey Fat Choi” is the good wish saying that Hong Kong people say to each other during Chinese New Year. The same was said some 50 years ago when English scholar Professor Large joined The University of Hong Kong (HKU).

When Professor Large came to teach more than 50 years ago, he also brought some lacrosse sticks with him. Without knowing the ripple effect that he has left behind, he planted the seeds of lacrosse in Hong Kong. Lacrosse has been played at the university since 1950.

Hong Kong Lacrosse history

They didn’t have helmets or gear when lacrosse started because Professor Large only brought sticks to HKU! The boys played without gear for many years.

Then with the big help from our friends in Japan, the Hong Kong boys started to explore playing in full gear in 1994.

Hong Kong Lacrosse history

They did not even have long poles at that time. Louis and a few friends were the first ever long pole defenders in the history of HK Lacrosse. HKLA eventually sent a team to the 2002 World Champions in Perth.

I don’t know why I set up this organization, I only know that I want to play lacrosse even after I graduate from the university. So, let’s set it up first!” said Louis Hou, Chairman of HKLA in 1993.

We became a member of Federation of International Lacrosse in 2002. First thing he did was create the Hong Kong Men’s Lacrosse League in 2003, Over the years, the league has evolved to have 2 divisions, 12 teams in 2014.

Hong Kong Lacrosse history

How about the women?  In 2012, HKLA finally had the opportunity to start the women’s lacrosse league with 4 teams for their first season.

I’m very proud of our organizers who worked very hard to make this happen!” said Louis. “In 2014, we have 7 women’s team in our league. This cannot be achieved without dedication from our organizers and our lacrosse lovers.

Besides the success of local leagues, HKLA organized and sent teams to many international tournaments throughout the years, including the World Championships, World Cup, Asian Pacific Tournaments, etc. Through these valuable experiences, our players improved and grew, physically and mentally.

Hong Kong Lacrosse history

In his many years involved with lacrosse, from being a university player, to Executive Director of HKLA to the coach of the national team.

Louis said “I cannot thank lacrosse more for giving me all these wonderful experiences and friendships in Hong Kong and all over the world. I also thank my family for giving me so much support in my passion. Without their support, I would not be able to achieve so much in my lacrosse life!

Thanks to the generous support from Mr. Joe Tsai (former Yale Bulldog and a very successful e-commerce executive) and with Louis’ continuous leadership, HKLA recruited a new group of passionate talents to further develop lacrosse, hoping to promote lacrosse further within Hong Kong and Asia. Taking lacrosse that Professor Large left behind to another level.

Happy Chinese New Year or Kung Hey Fat Choi to everyone at Lacrosse All Stars. Thank you for letting us spread the history of lacrosse in HK! The Hong Kong Lacrosse Association wishes everyone a happy and prosperous year of the goat, with plenty of lax!

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Check out the HKLA website and some of our previous content for more information on lacrosse in Hong Kong and check back again soon to learn more about upcoming events in Asia!