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Hong Kong Lacrosse League History
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Hong Kong Lacrosse Roster – 2018 FIL Championships

If you’re not keeping tabs on lacrosse in Asia, specifically the rapidly advancing group in Hong Kong, you’re making a huge mistake. Great resources are being put into developing the game amongst Asian nations and with the development comes a new breed of lacrosse. The game is adapting with a new flow and speed, with Hong Kong helping to lead the charge.

Not long ago, Hong Kong wasn’t even on the lacrosse map. They started competing in the World Championships in 2002, but have never cracked the top of the pack. This might be the year that changes. Take a look at the recent Hong Kong Lacrosse Open if you want to see how far the game has come in such a short amount of time. Part is in thanks to Scott Browning’s world class leadership and vision to turn Hong Kong into a world powerhouse for lacrosse through constant training and development.

(Check out the FULL list of FIL rosters HERE.)

They’ve drawn the Olive group, with Poland and Luxembourg. The Polish against Hong Kong matchup is an absolute MUST WATCH game, with both teams on the complete up and up. If you want to watch some very good lacrosse, keep an eye on these guys and their run out of the Olive group. You can bet they’re coming prepared.

Hong Kong Lacrosse Roster 2018

Hong Kong national lacrosse team 2018
Photo: HKLA
  • Au Yeung Chun Yu
  • Chan Hon Kei
  • Cheng Cheung Wai
  • Cheung Ming Hong
  • Chu Jacky Check Kiu
  • Fung Lai Yin
  • Gut Peter
  • Hayat Nicolo
  • Ho Chak Sum
  • Lee Cheuk Hin
  • Lee Tsz Kin
  • Leung Julian
  • Leung Shek Hin
  • Ling Geoffrey Chun Wai
  • Mak Ho Chun Kelvin
  • Mak Nelson Ngai Long
  • Mok-Lamme Evan
  • O’Brien Stephen
  • Tse Matthew
  • Wei Wing Kit
  • Wich Joseph Carlton
  • Wong Wai Kwan
  • Wong Wesley See Hon


  • Ho Chun Hin

Coaching Staff

  • Scott Browning
  • Bert Marshall
  • Mike Bender
  • Kyle Robinson
  • Dom Browne

Support Staff

  • Louis Hou
  • Jay Siu
  • Michael Lau
  • Dr. Jonathan Yieun
  • Winnie Lam
  • Keith Leung