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Hot Pot: Indoor Cold Weather Lacrosse

If you live just about anywhere in North America right now, it’s cold outside. That is not an excuse to stop your lacrosse training, so here are a few fun and constructive ways to stay active when the weather isn’t cooperating.

Things you’ll need:

– a lacrosse stick
– a tennis ball
– a stop watch or clock with a second count on it
– you

Activity #1

Start the stop watch. Then toss the ball in a small arc to yourself and catch the tennis ball (or stall it) on the sidewall of your stick 10 times. Put the stick down, press stop on the stop watch. Note your time. Now do a set of 10-25 push ups, depending on how strong you are. Do them slowly, more slowly than you usually would. The point is to tire out your arms a bit.

Now repeat the process, trying to beat your previous time, even with tired arms. Try the catch and stall 10 times routine again, and keep doing this until your arms are exhausted.

The tennis ball makes you focus on having soft hands, and the push ups tire you out, forcing you to focus more on what you are trying to accomplish. Mental toughness! The added benefit of the tennis ball is that when you drop it, the ball doesn’t shake the floor. So you’re not annoying your neighbors or family. Added bonus.

Activity #2

String a stick. Getting more familiar with your pocket isn’t a bad thing. But you can also try something new. Check out our Stringing Tutorials for some ideas:

Activity #3

Your arms are probably pretty worn out after all those push ups. The time spent stringing has probably added some more stress. So now is the perfect time to work on something really basic, like cradling. Put that tennis ball back in the stick, lie down on the floor and cradle as you lift your legs off the ground a couple inches. It might seem bizarre to cradle on your back, but it’s challenging and can help you focus on basics, along with not dropping the ball on your face.

Activity #4

We are clearly neglecting your legs. Time to remedy that! Walk up and down a flight of stairs in your house or building for 20 minutes, or until your legs get tired. It’s boring, but walking up and down stairs is good stuff! Feel free to cradle in your off hand while you do it. Running up and down the stairs is another option, but is prone to get you in trouble for being loud. Walking is a good option though!

Or you could do that. I, myself, can not.

Activity #5

Brush up on your lacrosse knowledge. Read a book. Watch some videos online. Watch a movie about Flip Naumburg:

Ok, now go to bed and pray for warmer weather. Good day!