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Hot Pot: How To Be A Man

Terry Crews tells us how to be a man. It’s a modern world, the times are changing, and Terry Crews has been a part of all of it!

From playing in the NFL to stints on radio and TV to immensely popular Old Spice commercials, Crews has been all over the place, and it’s often in a “manly” context. Whether he’s shaving with a new shaving cream or getting shaved, Crews is often used as “the ideal man’s man”, but what he has to say about truly being a man doesn’t match up perfectly.

Listening to Terry Crews speak on being a man, parenting, feminism, and so much more is eye opening, and awesome. His discussion about his son and fear is beyond amazing. This man has some great ideas, and the full 20 minute interview is well worth your time.

After watching this video, I had to tweet the following:

That last part is really the most important here. Crews has some great ideas, but he also knows his own limits, and he knows that every human has limits. He doesn’t dictate, he pontificates, and he’s open to new ideas. He’s also passionate and loving. “Everyone is necessary, everyone. You need people” is what he says in response to the men vs. women in parenting argument. He also knows that he has done wrong, and he owns up to this early: “I’ve made the mistakes. I’ve chased the wins“.

Terry Crews has incredible perspective, even if you don’t agree with him.

So what does “being a man” mean to you? How do you define “being a man”? Is it even possible? Is Crews on the right path? Can we go further? Do we need to go this far? Man code, dude. Should that be a thing?

And then there are always the Old Spice commercials, which are ridiculous.

“Oh, no! I’m a hair”. Ridiculous.

Terry Crews may be a silly man in commercials, but when he sits down and talks serious stuff, he drops knowledge. How to be a man!