Manhasset Lacrosse Lafayette lax
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Hot Pot Of Lax: A Manhasset Story

Connor Wilson here.  I’m guest hosting the Hot Pot for Jeff.  He was counting things last night and it made him tired.  Happens to the best of us, but he should really just get a calculator. I mean it’s the 20th… er, 21st Century!  Ok, enough of giving Jeff a hard time, let’s get to the lacrosse action!  When you combine tradition with friendship, adversity and lacrosse what do you get?  A Manhasset Story, that’s what.

Manhasset Lacrosse Lafayette lax
Manhasset Lacrosse in the modern era...

Manhasset Lacrosse began in 1932 as the first HS lacrosse team on Long Island.  That’s impressive right there.  Jim Brown played lacrosse there.  That’s big time lax history right there.  But do you know who else played at Manhasset?  Do the names Blake Miller, John Gagliardi and Billy Bitter mean anything to you?  Oh, they do?  Well, now you can BEGIN to understand the tradition of great lacrosse at Manhasset because the list of famous Manhasset players might very well be a mile long.

But there’s another name out there, one you’ve probably never heard of and that name is Neil Barber.  Neil was a promising young lacrosse player at Manhasset but his life didn’t turn out the way Miller, Gags or Bitter’s has.  He faced a very different challenge, and for a long time, he did so with only the support of his family.  Then the Manhasset Lacrosse community got involved and things changed.  To read the full story, head over to Laxpower to check out: Former Manhasset Star Neil Barber To Be Honored



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We’ll leave you with a video trailer for College Lacrosse 2011:

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