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Hot Pot Of Lax: Best Drills For Tryouts?

Lacrosse Tryouts
Put a Superman sticker on the side of your helmet, and you might just gain the skills to make varsity.

This season I’m a 1st year assistant coach at my alma mater, Bishop Kelly High School in Boise, ID. Yesterday evening our coaching staff met in the locker room after an open field scrimmage to discuss tryouts, which begin this Friday. We spent time planning out the entire first day of tryouts, and I think we have a solid handle on things. However, it got me wondering…

What drills do most high school coaches focus on during Day #1 of tryouts?

I know there are quite a few coaches who read LAS on a daily basis and I’m sure many of you are seasoned veterans when it comes to assessing talent and making cuts. It’d be interesting to hear from you about how you go about Day #1 – often times assessing kids you’ve never seen play before – and what techniques or drills you use to narrow down your Varsity selections.

Personally, as a defensive coach I’ll be keeping a heavy eye on stick skills, positioning and communication during day one. Regardless of size or seniority, I want to make sure each defensive player knows the basics. A tendency to constantly hustle during practice won’t hurt their chances either!



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