Hot Pot Of Lax: Brett Hughes vs. Mini Flowbucket

Con Bro Flowbucket Brett Hughes Boom Town

Con Bro Flowbucket Brett Hughes Boom Town

Straight from Boom Rouge, Louisiana, there’s a new Boom Town Lax Camps commercial on air. Watch the flow bucket work wonders for a little tike going one-on-one with STX’s Brett Hughes.

Filmed and edited by Connor Martin – but that’s Con Bro Chill to you!

BOOM TOWN! Brett Hughes of Team STX takes on a child on the lax pitch. Shot in Baton Rouge, Louisiana by Connor Martin at Boom Town’s first lacrosse clinic. If you’ve got laxers at hand and want a clinic in your area find Connor Martin or Brett Hughes online or email us at

If you’re a lacrosse player, a parent, or just a fan in an emerging area, it’d be a smart move to reach out to the email address above.

Ever been burnt that bad by a 10 year old?!



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