Loyola Maryland lacrosse final four
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Hot Pot Of Lax: Celebrate The Winners

We just enjoyed a great weekend of NCAA lacrosse, and a first time champion was crowned in two of the three divisions. Both Dowling and Loyola won their first titles ever, and Salisbury won their 10th in D3. Yet somehow, a lot of people are talking about Limestone and Maryland and Cortland, and how they LOST the games.  I just don’t get it.

Loyola Maryland lacrosse final four
Loyola WON this game. Maryland didn't LOSE it.

Maryland was NOT the top seed, Loyola was.  Maryland put on a great run in the playoffs, but Loyola did the same.  So how did Maryland “lose” this game?  Was it only theirs to win?  Do you really think they weren’t prepared?  Or is it possible that they were just beaten by a better team?  The fact is, Loyola won this game fair and square.  They won the battles they needed to win, and did it as a real team.  Lusby was on fire again, and they TOOK this game.  The title is theirs; give them their respect!

Not as many people have been overlooking Dowling, which is nice, and a bit surprising, considering they were the #4 seed and Limestone was #3.  But even here, the point stands, because Dowling WON that game, Limestone didn’t lose it.  It was a battle, and it could have turned out differently, but Dowling was the best team on the day.  It’s that simple.

Now when it comes to the D3 game, there have been some definite snipes at Cortland, but I’m not so sure they are deserved.  Yes, Salisbury out coached Cortland, but we all probably should have expected that. Coach Berkman is a legend and knows the game like few others.  Salisbury WON the game, and they did it on their terms.  Cortland gave it their best shot, and even if they didn’t play much zone (like I thought they should have), SU still won the game, and I’m not sure playing zone would have changed that much.  It was their work when it counted that made it happen, and not a lack thereof from the Red Dragons.

It’s easy to look for reasons why a team “lost”, but in all three NCAA cases this year the champions simply “won” the game, and were the better team that day.  Give the champs their props and know that the losers in all three games gave it their best.  None of these titles are tainted, or less deserving of recognition, so let’s keep the focus where it should be: on the winners!

Photo Credit: Steve Layne, Sr, whose son, Chris, just won the championship with Loyola!  Congrats to the entire Layne family, as we know their Loyola lax roots go deep!



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