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Hot Pot Of Lax: College Lacrosse 2011 Goes LIVE

The new College Lacrosse 2011 video game launched last weekend on Xbox LIVE. You may have already seen this press release, but I’m publishing it here on LAS in full because I know it deserves the ink (er, pixels)! Carlo Sunseri is a good guy doing great things for the sport by developing lacrosse video games. I can only imagine the effort it takes to bring a game like this to life, and I am sincerely thankful that it exists.

Congrats to Carlo, Crosse Studio and Triple B Games on the launch! We can’t wait to read the reviews!


College Lacrosse Video Game 2011 Xbox LIVE

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania – February 14, 2011- Crosse Studio is proud to announce College Lacrosse 2011 has been released to Xbox LIVE Indie Channel.

College Lacrosse 2011 features motion capture animations, overhauled graphics, improved Xbox LIVE play, enhanced right joystick dodging and shooting, new bullet and loft passing, dive shots, new penalties and sound effects, an innovative stick checking system and over fifty gameplay improvements.

“College Lacrosse 2011 is a huge step forward from last year’s game.” said Carlo Sunseri, founder and CEO of Crosse Studio. “The new motion capture animations, graphics, and sound effects add an entire new layer of depth and realism that has never been done before in lacrosse.”

Crosse Studio officially announced the development of lacrosse video games back in 2009 and has quickly amassed over 160,000 ‘Likes’ on Facebook.

“The amount of support for our video games from the grass roots lacrosse community is nothing short of remarkable,” Sunseri said. “Lacrosse is such an amazing sport that translates exceptionally well into a truly fun video game. I honestly believe through lacrosse video games we can bring an entire new generation of lacrosse players and fans. I’m excited about the future of our games and the sport of lacrosse.”

College Lacrosse Video Game 2011 Xbox LIVE

College Lacrosse 2011 is now available to download as an Xbox Live Indie Game for 400 Microsoft Points ($5)

Crosse Studio:
Crosse Studio debuted their first game, College Lacrosse 2010 (CL10), Nov. 17, 2009. The game is based on, Fitba, an Xbox LIVE Indie soccer game created by developer Triple B Games. Triple B Games joined the Crosse Studio team and transformed their soccer game into a lacrosse game at the direction of Carlo Sunseri. The team developed CL10 for Microsoft Xbox 360 as an independent game making it available for download through Xbox Live. One year after release, CL10 has been downloaded more than 160,000 times with over 40,000 copies purchased worldwide. Game play features include competitive head to head multiplayer games through Xbox Live, season mode, exhibition mode, and individual practice mode. Season mode allows user to play as a team for one or multiple seasons, earning ‘cash’ for various game play milestones used to ‘upgrade’ equipment. Each year concludes with a tournament bracket and a shot at the national championship game.

Shortly following the release of CL10, Crosse Studio announced the development of NLL Lacrosse 2010 (NLL) which is fully licensed by the professional indoor lacrosse league, the National Lacrosse League. The game features all eleven NLL teams and the league’s 250 players, custom jerseys, behind the back shots, dive shots, quick stick passing, picks, stick fakes, and more. Released in Apr. 2010, NLL downloads exceed 40,000 in just over six months.

Development of College Lacrosse 2011 (CL11) began June 15, 2010 and is now available to download on Xbox Live. CL11 is built upon the existing CL10 code but with several enhanced features. The game features all new motion capture animations, overhauled graphics, improved Xbox LIVE play, improved right joystick shooting, new right joystick dodging, new bullet and loft passing, new dive shots, new penalties, new sound effects, new stick checking system and much more. Motion capture is a technique of digitally recording the movements. It was originally developed as an analysis tool in biomechanics research, but has grown increasingly important as a source of motion data for extremely accurate computer animation.

Crosse Studio is a subsidiary of Carlo Sunseri LLC. Carlo Sunseri is a lacrosse coach out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Triple B Games:
Triple B Games is an indie games developer based in Dundee, Scotland. Its previous titles are Zombiez 8 My Cookiez, NLL Lacrosse 2010, Inside Lacrosse’s CL2010 and Fitba, all available now on XBLIG. For more information

Learn More:
To learn more about College Lacrosse 2010, please Like our Facebook at and visit our website at

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