mll fight
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Hot Pot Of Lax: Does Professional Lacrosse Need Fighting?

There is NO QUESTION as to which side of the aisle I sit on when it comes to fighting in lacrosse. If you don’t know my stance on the issue, read some of my older posts and you’ll get the idea.

mll fight
Should we just let these guys throw down or what?

But I want to remove MY opinions and assumptions on the matter for a minute (that’s why I didn’t even link to any of my old posts!), and hear YOUR opinion on fighting in professional lacrosse!

I’m going to ask a very simple question, and then take a poll where you can make your voice heard. If you have something more in-depth to add to the conversation, please feel free to discuss this issue further in the comments!

And now on to the big question…

<a href=””>Does Professional Lacrosse Need Fighting?</a>

So let’s hear it! We’re not offering up any scenarios or hypotheticals. We’re not mucking up the issue with our own biased thoughts. We just want to know what YOU think about fighting in professional lacrosse!



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Rip City!

Those Europeans are looking awfully good at lacrosse! Every year the best get better and the overall level of skill and dedication skyrockets. Love it!